Sunday, December 14, 2014

Recently Eaten and Seen

It has been two weeks since the start of month, and with it two weekends in Kansas.  Week days I've tried to catch up, but seem to always be behind! Everything is well as can be expected.  It's sad that it hasn't felt like the holidays in the slightest, but I'm hoping to "join in" the holiday spirit this week. I have managed to snap some pics throughout these weeks, so here's what I have to share:
 Happy Herbivore Meatloaf Bites (made with mashed kidney beans), greens and pepitas.
 Fantastic cookies courtesy of Sarah!
 Lunches like these happened pretty frequently. The result of no weekend time for cooking!

For my dad's birthday, we went to Garbanzo where I made two meals out of this plate.

Terra, almost asleep at my grandmother's apartment.
 Remy, at home, expressing his exhaustion at hours in the car and many people petting him. It's a tough life.
 Yesterday, we were in Kansas for my cousin's wedding reception (and also, checking on grandma).  My aunt made homemade centerpieces using the greens from the trees behind the farmhouse.
 It was held at the local museum site, where they have moved many historic buildings you can wander around, including this early 19th century dance hall.  The screen you see below featured advertisers from the area, and behind this screen a young Lawrence Welk played with his band on stage.
 The original dance hall doors, still in use:
 Also on the property: one room school house, an old church, replica store buildings, and the original jailhouse:

The first week in December, I worked out twice.  Last week, three times.  This week - I plan for four. I am slowly moving towards normal, and the students are taking finals this week - which means all I have to do is grade exams.  And Christmas shop.  And laundry, and cook, and give Remy a bath.... Aaaah! See you on Tuesday.  


  1. What pretty wedding centerpieces! The dance hall looks great. Glad you are getting in so much family time, even if it's cutting into personal time. How long do you get off for the holiday break?
    Both the falafel meal and the meatloaf bites look great. Pop-able protein! I think I got rid of my HH cookbooks, but I'll check to see...
    Hope you have more time this week to not have to resort to miso soup in a carton ;)

    1. Hi Maud! I am off for two weeks. Can't. Wait. I've just done six loads of laundry since last night - not having had an actual weekend since Thanksgiving is brutal!

      Many of the HH recipes are online - the meatloaf bites are from an online source (I own two of her four cookbooks).

      There will be no miso in a carton this week! ;)

  2. It's so nice to see a post from you again :) I hope that you've been doing ok. We've all been thinking about you!

    What a beautiful location for a wedding. I love places like that. There is a place near me called The Old Bethpage Village Restoration that is supposed to be beautiful and they are holding weddings there now. It sounds like a place you would love!

    Yummy looking meals, glad you are enjoying the cookies! The falafel dinner looks amazing. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon and you'll feel caught up. Thanks for the sweet Remy and Terra pics! So adorable! I know life must be so tough for Remy ;)

    I hope that you are able to join in on the holiday festivities soon! Such an amazing time of year, hopefully it will bring some joy to you and your family.

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you, and the cookies are now all gone. They were perfect car ride treats!

      I love old buildings, and I bet you have seen some beautiful ones with your wedding photography experience!

      Remy is recovering. Ha ha! ;)

      I'm willing it into being - holiday happiness is on the horizon!

  3. Glad you're feeling back up to the frivolity of blogging again. It is nice for us who know you (sort of) to see things getting back to normal.

    Really hard to tell the front from the back in that Remy pic, but that is what makes him so adorbs.

    1. Thanks, Shen. My absence was mostly due to feeling overwhelmed and short on time; it's so nice to feel "almost normal" again. :)

      Ha ha! He occasionally sleeps like that, wedged in between the back of the pillow and the couch. Silly boy!

  4. Tera and Remy are so photogenically cute! Hope things are on their way up again. Garbanzo plate looks great - is it ever possible to eat too many falafels? I've tried, but have yet to reach a threshhold...