Thursday, December 18, 2014

Continued Holiday Attempts

I purchased a gift for my brother today (an electric kettle - he doesn't read this, so it's okay to share!), and am narrowing down ideas for my parents and grandmothers.  One more work day till my holiday break officially begins!  I have winter-ish eats for your viewing:
 Vega Vanilla (added water) and clementines for breakfast.
 Tomato Coconut Curry Soup, dinner roll, Quinoa Almond Pilaf with cranberries for lunch.
I doubled last night's dinner so I could eat quickly after my spin class tonight: baked potato, steamed kale, Happy Herbivore Mushroom Gravy.

See you this weekend!


  1. Electric Kettles (while not glamorous) are very useful (unless the electricity goes out).

    Excellent idea to have dinner at the ready to dive into.

  2. Yay, happy winter break to you! I hope you get your chance to relax and enjoy the holiday. Do you have anything planned for your vacation?

    I'm sure your bro will love the kettle, especially as the temperature drops :) Great looking meals, I'm especially loving that lunch! I bet your co-workers were jealous of that beautiful spread. Smart to double up dinner so it would be ready for you after spin. Looks like a great recovery meal!

  3. That soup looks great!
    We have an electric kettle at work, it is a lifesaver sometimes!