Thursday, November 6, 2014


All week I've been waiting for the weekend - and now there is only one more day to go! Woo hoo!
Instead of Vega Vanilla, I had an Amazing Grass & water beverage.

Followed by the Strawberry flavor of Wild Veggie...
 Just like Tuesday's version, it was decent but not something I'd re-purchase.

Chunky Vegetable Lentil Soup... in a mason jar.

Tough 45 minute spin class. 
Wild Rice, Steamed Kale, homemade Mushroom Gravy from Everyday Happy Herbivore.

What's so special about this weekend, you ask? It's four days long! I could cry! I'm beyond ready for a break. One. More. Day. 


  1. enjoy your long weekend! that soup looks great:)

  2. Superb platingon the Kale, Rice and Gravy. Not sure why it is a four day weekend though.

    1. Tuesday is Veteran's Day, and Monday is how we are "paid" for working a Saturday last month. I'm so happy! ;)

  3. Oooh a 4 day weekend! Lucky you! Enjoy every second of it, you deserve it :) I like all of these meals! How is the amazing grass when mixed with water? Is it funky tasting or mild? Do you have to blend it or can you shake it? Haha sorry for all of the questions.

    The hot cereal looks good but I know what you mean. My mom gets frozen prepared steel cut oats from trader Joe's as a quick breakfast that is inexpensive. You could just Dr that up with mix ins if you are looking for something quick :) the soup looks great and your dinner plate is gorgeous. Beautiful presentation!!

    Enjoy vacation!

    1. I just add water and shake or stir! The Amazing Grass blends pretty well!

      Ooh, good tip on the TJ's oats, when laziness striked again! Ha ha!

      I am SO HAPPY that I don't have to go to work tomorrow!!

  4. Oh yeeaahhh, Veteran's Day, huh? Good for you. Great looking mushroom gravy, you love that stuff, don't you? Haha. I know I always say I ought to try to make it. One day.
    Very chunky lentil soup! I like that you put green beans in there! I'm not a huge fan of green beans, but I have some leftover from the curry I need to use up somehow.

    1. I do love that gravy! I wasn't a gravy person until I decided to try this recipe. The miso one is also yummy. But for some reason, wild rice and steamed kale - smothered with this gravy is absolutely amazing!!

      I am green bean lover! If we were at a vegetable buffet, I'd eat them for you, and you could have my bok choy or eggplant (I just can't seem to them).