Thursday, October 30, 2014


All of today's photos were taken on my iPhone, as I seemed to be running late.  All day.

Psyllium Husk Drink (you drink it once a day for the first three days, and the last three days.  Tomorrow is the last day of the cleanse!), chugged before running out the door.
 I drank my Vega Vanilla and water whilst teaching American Lit (learning about bias, media slant, and persuasive rhetoric - in case you were curious).

Cuban Black Beans and sweet potato.  Even day four in a row of eating this, co-workers are jealous.
 Farmer's Market Honeycrisp, pistachios (on my desk at school, whilst I planned tomorrow's lesson).
 I went to a 45 minute spin class, not taught by my friend/former studio owner (arrived just as class was starting, argh!).  This class is no joke. I don't think I've worked that hard in about six months. I'm going to get on my mat and stretch (for a second time) after I post this!

A late dinner of fajitas, but BOTH avocados were bad.  At least I had Daiya! ;)
The only times not rushed today: during Remy's walk, and my time working on the embroidery pattern before spin class, thus not a bad day - just a little off balance!

Happy almost Weekend!!


  1. Interesting-looking psyllium husk drink!
    The cleanse seemed shorter than I expected. Was it a full month, or just until the end of the month? I mean, I'm sure it seemed longer for you than me, who was just watching, ha!
    Bad avocados are the SADDEST!

    1. It was a 10 day cleanse, and then the re-set is 14 days (it'll finish just in time for the holidays - ha ha!). The re-set is basically a continuance of clean eating and amino acids (essentially, making habits that I hope to keep).

  2. You did such a great job with your cleanse! All of your meals look delicious and filling and a cleanse that doesn't operate based on deprivation is always a good one! I hope that you've gotten everything out of it that you've wanted to and that you are feeling great!

    Do you blend your psyllium husk drink? I.tried to make a psyllium husk drink before and the texture was awful and I couldn't drink it. Yours looks good though! Industrials are blogosphere superstars! Everyone is enjoying them and rightfully so :)

    Hope that you are doing well and enjoying your weekend!!

    1. Industrials?!? That is supposed to say it seems! I'm commenting on and apparently struggling with auto correct ha.

    2. I hear ya on the technological difficulties! It seems like my web browser on my phone and Blogger do not like each other, thus making it difficult to comment when I travel or when I'm away from home!

      The drink came already ground, and I just added water. It is textured, and she mentioned that some people really hate it! It reminded me of a watery Malt-o-Meal. I have felt lighter, and my pants are loose (they were getting tight after two weeks of eating out!) - so I'd call it a successful experience!

  3. WTF is going on????? I missed this post too??? this is so weird! I dont know how this could have happened?