Sunday, October 19, 2014

And It Goes On

After three more doctors appointments, my grandparents returned home to Kansas on Thursday morning. They are there to consider his options: do nothing or risk surgery.  I think they'll make their decision soon.  My continued thanks for all of the love and encouragement during this tough time!

With that said, I've been able to re-claim my own life and have made big strides moving forward.  I've slept (a lot!), spent time with friends, and made new goals.

(This is the same park from my last post - the sunset angle is always beautiful, I couldn't resist another photo!)

So much time with family, and virtually no time at home has meant a lot of Chipotle, Whole Foods Prepared Food, Tokyo Joe's, Native Foods, and frozen pizza.  My digestive system hates me.  After yesterday's killer workout class (read: I can't walk, and typing hurts my triceps), I met with the instructor (the former owner of the studio I worked for) and am using her nutritional counseling services for a month long whole foods based cleanse and reboot.  No juices, no fasting.  She has written up workouts and suggested meals (I have to keep a food journal to show her), and checks in with me via text regularly.
 (My aunt invited me to see the musical "The Unsinkable Molly Brown")
 Basically: no sugar, processed food, white carbs or fried food.  She's also looking into vegan multi-vitamins for me, especially ones with amino acids to help protect muscles as I try to get back into a regular workout routine.  Cardio 4-5 days a week (20 minutes at minimum each time), as much yoga as possible.
(I love clouds such as these!)

I went to a restorative yoga class this evening, and left feeling very zen.  I've missed having a yoga practice in my life.  Lucky (or unlucky! Ha ha!) for you, I'll share my journey with you and I will be back to regular posts as of now.  Time to dust off my real camera, and show you some (super healthy-cleanse friendly) food!

P.S. Embroidery activities are in the works, I will share progress (or lack thereof) soon!


  1. Glad you are back! I hope Grandpa opts for the surgery. Looking forward to seeing what your former instructor dictates for this cleanse.

  2. No Halloween candy?!??! I just ate maybe 7 Peanut Chews...Or a month long starting when? Will it still be going on for Thanksgiving? Interested to see what you eat.
    Those clouds are beautiful.
    All the best to yr grandparents and the rest of the family.

  3. I think it is amazing that you are going to take time to focus on yourself. I've been working on getting myself together to do a cleanse as well! Maybe we could be accountability buddies if you want? Your plan sounds great, I bet you'll feel amazing and how great that you are going to work with the instructor from the old studio on this journey. I'm sure you'll so anazing and I'm looking forward to seeing your journey.

    1. Ugh sorry I"m commenting on my phone and it's being ridiculous. Anyway, I wanted to say that I've had you and your family in my thoughts and I hope you all find peace in whatever decision your grandparents make. Hugs!!

  4. HI EVERYONE! Apologies for the delay!! All will be explained, and NOW I am back to normal. ;)