Thursday, October 23, 2014


Hello! I may have forgotten that Tuesday and Wednesday were 12 hour workdays due to Parent/Teacher conferences.  Luckily, I did remember a few weeks ago to ask my neighbor (and Frankie) to hang out with Remy the last two days, so at least one of us didn't suffer.  With that said, TODAY was a my first no commitment day since the end of September.

Happily, I have been snapping pictures the last few days to show you what I've been eating on this whole food cleanse.
Everyday this week I have had the same lunch: collard greens, shallots, and marinated tempeh over TJ's Harvest Grain blend (Israeli couscous, garbanzo beans, red quinoa).

Monday I ate this deliciousness after my Vega (mixed only with water - I've been starting my day with that and a psyllium husk drink.)
 Dinners have been soup (my mother sent me home with a few servings of a vegetable and bean soup this weekend) and salad (usually cabbage), and twice now I've had this:
She would prefer that I don't eat russet potatoes, but I had a bag in my fridge, and wanted to not be wasteful.  After the one I have left - it'll be sweet potatoes. (Everyday Happy Herbivore Mushroom Gravy smothering the steamed spinach and carrots, baked potato.)

I'm also taking B Complex, and adding Bragg's Amino Acids to my savory meals.  I'm still trying to figure out my snacks, but she has been great checking in on me everyday.  

My grandfather has decided to have the surgery, to remove the brain tumor.

*I cried.  I'm happy. I'm relieved he's willing to not give up on this life.*


  1. That is awesome news about your Grandfather!!!!!

    Interesting cleanse. Lots of filing foods. Wish White Potatoes were as popular with nutritionists as Sweet and Blue.

    1. Thanks, Shen! We were all very surprised by his decision. I probably should have clarified that this is a "metabolic" cleanse, meaning to reset my system so that I can absorb vitamins and minerals from the foods I eat, and re-set my habits. Her goal for me includes to never feel too hungry - best words ever in a cleanse. Ha ha!

  2. Welcome back my friend! I am so so happy to hear this amazing news about your Grandfather! I can imagine the sense of relief you felt after hearing the decision. Big hugs to you!

    Your cleanse meals look amazing. I'm especially jealous of the lunch you've been eating, that looks really incredible! I'm going to have to put something like that together for myself. What did you use to marinate the tempeh? It looks incredible. The fruit looks really fresh and lovely and dinner looks healthy yet comforting! You are kicking this cleanse in the butt! Have you noticed a difference in your energy since starting? Was it even a little easier to get through a 12 hour day?

    This post made me very happy :)

    1. It was quite relieving, and I surprised myself with how emotional my response was - I guess it was weighing on me subconsciously. We're still waiting for the surgery date, but I'll take the day off when it does happen - just in case anything were to happen, and to comfort grandma.

      It's the LightLife Smoky Tempeh (a.k.a. Fakin Bacon) - so good, I bought another pack! I only used half of the first pack for this week's meals - but when on sale... Ha ha! I am all about the Happy Herbivore gravy, which is funny because in my pre-veg days I never liked it.

      I am noticing a difference in my energy, and should notice even more over the next few days. It probably didn't help that the long days made for bad sleep, but I like that my habits are being re-set!

      I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!

  3. That's great about your grandpa! I'm sure that the entire situation was never far from your thoughts, and it is an overwhelming scary situation in the first place.

    Delicious looking cleanse so far :) And its not like regular potatoes are devoid of nutrients- they have a ton of vitamin A, same amount of fiber as a sweet potato (4g!) and potassium. I'm a big fan of that harvest blend from TJs- i actually made a superquick soup the other night using a box of TJs tomato soup, a big handful of the harvest grains, garlic,white beans, and a bunch of shredded kale. Very sandra lee! :)
    Hope this coming week is less hectic and you can find a moment to yourself.

    1. Hi Ttrockwood! We are all looking forward to what is next for grandpa!

      I completely agree - I love red potatoes and russets - I am an equal potato eater! The Harvest Grains are so good - and your soup sounds pretty fantastic. I can't wait to make a big pot of soup, but it has been so hot lately that my usual fall recipes are still waiting to be used!!

  4. Wonderful news about yr grandfather. I'm sure it was a hard decision for him. Hope the surgery goes well when the time comes. Best to the whole family.
    Stressful times like this are often when we forget to take care of ourselves as well, so it's nice that you have this cleanse to guide you. Looks like it's all delicious food so far, so that's good. Psyllium husk drink, huh? Guess she's serious.

    1. Thanks, Maud! I think he's a little scared, but who wouldn't be - it's your brain! I'll keep everyone posted when the big day is scheduled.

      I'm not going to lie - there have been slip ups: chocolate and bread, mainly. But more important than the cleanse itself is my re-setting of habits. I'm not perfect, but a lot has already changed and I haven't been eating at restaurants at all!

      The Psyllium Husk reminds me of a liquid Malt-o-Meal, if that has any sort of reference for you...