Saturday, September 27, 2014

Three Mile Creek Trail

Disclaimer: this trail is not three miles, but my guess is that the creek is three miles in length.  If I had been up for it, I might have done the 13 mile round trip hike - but instead it was more like 2.5 miles.  A beautiful, moderate level hike (climb up and down boulders in areas, crossing the creek several times on a log, some points of serious incline, otherwise fairly flat or low grade), at the southern tip of Guanella Pass  (pronouced Wuh-nella, we started closer to Grant, not Georgetown, if you click on the link).

The road to this trail was about 10 minutes on dirt (by car) from the Highway...

Entrance to the trail: (Three Mile Creek is part of the Mount Evans Wilderness area, in Pike National Forest - no fee to enter!)

This one is my favorite:

Remy did really well, despite his severe need for a haircut (his appointment is tomorrow morning!).
My brother joined us on this hike, and it was really lovely all the way around.  Of course, we were not alone in our desire to see the fall folliage, and we spent two hours in the car just to arrive (should've been an hour and 20 minutes from Denver).  We ran into other people and dogs every 10 minutes or so while on the hike, many of them also carrying their camera!  

See you tomorrow! Happy Weekend and Happy Fall!


  1. What a gorgeous hike!! It must have felt so nice to get out and enjoy nature and finally get to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. It looks like a beautiful day and I can't believe how early the leaves turn for you!! We've been seeing our leaves turn later and later.... usually late October at this point!

    Remy is such a handsome boy, short or long hair :) I'm sure he loved being out in the fresh air with his mommy and uncle. I have two sweet pups laying with me as I type this. Gotta love last minute fur child babysitting jobs!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. Thanks, Sarah - I definitely did feel a little more human after the hike. The leaves change based on elevation, thus in the mountains they are in full swing - down here, hardly at all! We had a wet summer, so it's hard to say how soon we'll see them. I'd love to see some pictures when they turn near you!

      Dogs are the best, so good for the soul!

  2. Hard to believe the leaves are changing already. Guess your DSLR camera adds something to the workout. I wiould type more, but you know how it is...

    1. It's not too heavy, and considering I lugged it all over England - I'm used to it. ;) The trees in the mountains always turn in September, it's more like mid-October here.

      Let's get Shen a computer!!

  3. What a beautiful trail! I love the yellow leaves on the trees!