Sunday, September 21, 2014

Catching Up

The week got away from me, and I got behind.  Thus, I bring you many pictures to peruse! Firstly, a beautiful sunset captured last week:
 When shopping, I saw these little packets on sale, thought of Shen and her overall endorsement of Amazing Grass...
Toasted onion bagel with Tofutti...
 Remy needs a haircut.
 I participated in a 5K walk for Pulmonary Hypertension (Remy came along, too).  A colleague friend has the disease, so I donated my dollars and morning to the cause.
Swag bag:
 The items on the left of the hand clapper will go to someone else as the popcorn and Odwalla bar contain dairy. The round biscuits are blueberry cookies for Remy.

 Great for grazing in the afternoon:
 I put my fire roasted chilies to work, by making enchiladas.
 Kale, potato, onion and Daiya filling.  

 Peeled chilies, chopped garlic, chopped onion, tomato (boiled after this picture to remove skin - reserve some water for use in the blender).

The product yielded six stuffed fajita-sized flour tortillas, and they are currently in the oven.  I'll share the final result in my next post! I hope your weekend has been wonderful!


  1. I'm glad your busy week is over and I hope you had a great weekend! The sunset is so gorgeous. Really great looking meals, you know how I feel about my bagels and tofutti ;) I wish I had tofutti, I would totally have that as my birthday breakfast! The enchilada filling sounds like an amazing combination!

    How nice of you to donate your time and money to the cause to support your coworker. I'm sure she appreciates you and Remy showing up. Looks like a really nice day too.

    Hope this week is better and not as crazy as last week!

    1. We need to get you some Tofutti!! :)


  2. Lots of fun stuff! You've done that walk before, haven't you?
    Fancy chiles. Did you roast them yrself? The enchiladas sound delicious. Haven't seen all those varieties of Amazing Grass! The pineapple lemongrass one sounds really interesting. Do you just pour those in water?
    Where did you get those falafel from? Are they frozen Trader Joes? They make me want falafel now!

    1. Yes, I did that same walk two years ago! Great memory, Maud! :)

      I picked up the chilies at the Farmer's Market, but peeled and chopped them at home. I did just add water, and it was good as is - there was a sample of the watermelon flavor, and that's what convinced me to only add water!

      The falafel was from Falafel King that I picked up at a local grocer, but I have seen the TJ versions!

  3. I have gotten a bit behind as well, so I know the feeling! :-) I think Remy looks adorable!

    1. I'm trying really hard to not carry over the "behind" feeling this week! Thank you :)

  4. I gotta give props to Unknown for turning me on to the Amazing Grass. So glad there is no Stevia taste.

    Dont you want Remy to have a full heavy coat for winter?

    Shame on FF for not knowing you bought those Chilis already roasted from the Farmers Market.

    1. It is very pleasant, taste wise! My thanks to Ttrockwood and you!!

      I don't mind the full coat, but it's the vision issue - too much, and he's already not able to see over his nose hair!

      I'll forgive her ;)

    2. Awwww!!! Poor little guy cant see over his nose hair!!!

  5. The enchiladas sound like they had to have turned out really good. Love what you put them them! We have enchiladas on the menu for this week, too.

    Remy is adorable all fluffy. Do you bring him to a groomer or cut his hair yourself?

    Such a gorgeous sunset!

    1. It seems like I don't make them but once a year, and I remember why - very labor intensive! Ha ha! I was inspired by the kale and potato recipe in Veganomicon, but simplified it quite a bit.

      I wish I knew how to wield clippers, as I'd save myself $45 every three months, but instead he goes to the groomer. It's in one of those self-wash dog places, and she has her grooming table in the middle of the room - so both owners and dogs can see each other as needed!