Thursday, September 4, 2014


Hallelujah tomorrow is Friday! What a week! Work has been super chaotic (to the point where I'm not sure about my long term abilities to stay - it's so disorganized, and everyday brings a new crisis. Students are great, colleagues are wonderful - just everything else is a mess.).  On a happier note, I am adjusting to the school routine and hours; meaning that I'm feeling ready to add workouts back into my life by the weekend.

Vega French Vanilla, frozen banana, frozen mango, almond milk smoothie:
"I need to go grocery shopping" lunch:
 Peach and pb rice cake sandwich

 Afternoon treat:

Chipotle for dinner:
Half of it is in the fridge, thereby freeing me from having to make another pb rice cake sandwich for lunch tomorrow.  ;)  See you this weekend!


  1. Haha, aw, yr lunch isn't THAT bad. I need to go grocery shopping too. But I know the feeling of buying something and saving half and feeling that relief, for sure.
    Love those so delicious sandwiches! So cute.
    Yr smoothie looks really good too. Vega was on sale here recently and I should have snagged some. Not sure if it's still so cheap.

    1. Ha ha! I suppose it isn't too bad, and I do like pb rice cakes. They are just not super sustaining!

      I know that I should just buy a big container of the Vega, but $40 at once is so hard to swallow! I buy a packet or two when I see them on sale, and then use half at a time.

  2. People give me grief for not eating entire meals/desserts, but seriously, I have never not devoured an entire Chipotle Bowl at a sitting. Usually, it isnt enough! Go figure.

    1. We do give you grief! Ha ha! I think it depends on how I've eaten that day, because I can finish them. I was determined to give myself a proper lunch for the day, so that's how it happened. ;)

  3. Ugh that sounds stressful, I'm sorry that poor management and organization has been hard for you. Has it been obscenely hot too? I know that has been an issue for you as well.

    Call me crazy but the rice cake sandwich actually sounds good to me :) Especially when followed up with an ice cream sandwich later. Mmm. Great looking Chipotle bowl, I haven't had one in a while. Have you ever tried the sofritas? Do you have the sofritas?

    Happy Friday!

    1. We've had only one hot day thus day, and I really appreciate that! It's about the admin not doing their jobs correctly (schedules are a mess, they don't have the right classes available, we are short staffed), so it's hard to ignore! I'm trying to separate it from myself as much as possible!

      I like pb rice cakes, but they don't have a lot of staying power, which is why I needed something in the afternoon! I thought about doing the sofritas, but I was just in the mood for a veggie bowl!

      So happy it's the weekend!!!

  4. Oh no, I take it administration is lacking? I'm starting to feel the same way when it comes to my job. You can only take so much! I'm so sorry that it's been so chaotic for you. Hopefully things improve.

    Chipotle bowls always look so good. I've only had it once and am looking forward to having it again when we travel in a few weeks! The "I need to go grocery shopping lunch" is something I can relate to. I've had many lunches like that! lol :)

    1. Lacking in their performance, yes! It's hard, isn't it? I hope things get better for the both of us!

      I'm excited for your upcoming trip! Will it involve camping or cabin?

      Last night I went to three stores, and now have a stocked fridge - yay! I just couldn't be bothered to go during the week, Ha ha!