Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Work It

I've been putting myself on a schedule lately, working from coffee shops for a few hours both yesterday and today. I anticipate that pattern continuing between now and when I have to report for the employee retreat (it's not a retreat. It's forced bonding and meetings).  The schedule today also included a yoga class, taught by the former owner of the studio I worked for - at her new spot. It was a tough class (hips and legs to fatigue), in a beautiful space (second floor, floor to ceiling windows), but not close enough to go to daily (30 minute drive).  I hope to make it there once a week or so.

Vega French Vanilla, frozen banana, frozen pineapple, almond milk.

Toasted Everything Bagel, Tofutti and Cucumber. (And watermelon - not shown)

Pre-yoga snack: TJ's Dairy Free Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

 Veggie Dog & Farmer's Market Corn
(That would be steam from the corn, not a ghost in the fence!)

Tomorrow: Vegetti Product Review!


  1. Lots of deliciousness. You dont put S&P on the Cucumber & Cream Cheese? Was the Farmers Market Corn sweet and crunchy?

    Great news about following your Yoga instructor.

    1. I don't! Au natural, for me! The corn has been delicious.

      I'm really feeling that class today, I should stretch some tonight to help recover. Ha!

  2. The retreat sounds like something I wouldn't like, but then again I'm very introverted. I think I remember you posting about it last year. Are you looking forward to it?

    It's too bad the studio is such a long drive, but going once a week sounds reasonable & at least you'll still get to have a class with the instructor.

    The corn looks so good! We've yet to find any decent corn here. A disappointing summer so far with produce (well, except for our garden, at least).

    1. I don't love the retreat mostly due to the forced nature of "togetherness" and the fact that I'll share my room with two other ladies. Last year, both of them snored. A lot. (And I love them a lot as humans! Great colleagues and teachers, just not roommates. Ha ha!) I know nearly everyone, minus the new hires, so my introvert self doesn't feel too overwhelmed.

      I've got a Groupon to a closer studio, so I'll be going there for yoga more often!

      Has it been too cool? Our tomatoes are just now popping up, very late, and western slope melons are abysmal due to a late frost in May. Luckily, you do have your beautiful garden!!

    2. It has been too cool here for a lot of things, although lately the weather has been great for growing. Hopefully we can get some decent berries and corn before the summer is over!

  3. I'm so glad you were able to go to the yoga class! The studio sounds gorgeous, floor to ceiling windows sound perfect! Once a week will be nice for you, kind of like a retreat away from the grind. All of your yoga discussions really makes me want to get back into it! I'm going to have to find some YouTube videos and get back to it!

    Great looking meals as always. The smoothie sounds delicious. I'm actually a fan of Vega powder and I find that the vanilla flavor adds a nice "creamy" taste to the smoothie. Cool picture of the bagel too, you always find great new angles. You must be loving your new camera too... doesn't it feel nice to have so much control over your pictures? The ice cream sandwich and your dinner scream summer, I love it! And I agree with you (from your last post) that patios are such a great thing to have... it's on a priority list for me for whenever I get into an apartment... along with a great tub for baths. Clearly I have my priorities straight ;)

    1. It was such a hard class - I am totally feeling it today! I definitely need that once a week ass kicking from her. ;) I can join on the home front, as I just bought foam blocks today! If only for supported bridge or recliner poses. Ha! (P.S. Still stalking the UPS guy, but no yoga book yet! Argh!)

      I think I will eventually buy the big container of Vega, and try to have it more regularly. I buy the packets and split them into two servings, and end up going back for more!

      Thank you! :) I love the camera, and the quality it puts out. It's hard now for me to use my iPhone, but when out and about - it's the only option!

      I whole-heartedly agree with your priorities for housing! I've add those items to my own wish list, as well as a garage (so tired of digging out in the winter!).