Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Retreat Recovery

These views come at a price: 5:00am alarm clock on Monday. Little sleep while there.

And we were in meetings for the majority of it, but there was a little time for walking around the property at Snow Mountain Ranch (in Granby - about 1 hour 45 minutes from Denver).  About half of us left after our final meeting on Tuesday evening - the majority staying for dinner.  My carpool group decided we would be fine without - let's go home! Thus, I had one breakfast - which I didn't capture but there are two more vegans now at my school (I knew them from my previous workplace) so the options are increased.  I ate cereal with almond milk. Otherwise, we had the same meals.

Monday Lunch: Hummus, Daiya Cheddar, and Spinach (weird, I know) sandwich with salad and popcorn:

Monday Dinner: Veggie burger with lettuce, mustard and ketchup - corn on the cob.  (Same meal again for Tuesday lunch, but swap the corn for more popcorn.)

Last year, I was much more snacky but this year I was just tired. I'm still feeling it today! I set up my classroom and office for most of the day, and came home - promptly taking a nap. Ha ha!  

Bonus photo: last night, as I was brushing my teeth I noticed a meowing shadow outside my bathroom window...
(Another neighbor - opposite direction of Frankie, has recently acquired a cat.  I've seen it a few times, but it doesn't trust me yet. Shen, I'm working on it.)

Back tomorrow with a rested, hopefully delicious post...


  1. Love the mysterious shot of the cat trying to peek in! Kinda creepy though.
    Glad you were able to get out of the retreat a little earlier than you had thought. The view is nice, however. What time do you have to get up for work most mornings?? Why did you have to get up so early?
    I think the spinach and Daiya sandwich sounds good.

    1. He or she was meowing so much, I went into the yard to check it out - but my neighbor's kitchen door was open, so they could go inside if wanted to - not sure what the commotion was all about! But I suppose I'm more fluent in dog than cat, thus things are lost in translation. ;)

      I usually get up around 6:15 for work, as I'm more of night owl than a morning bird. The site was almost two hours away, and I had to meet up with a carpool as well as drop off Remy. We were expected to report to the lodge between 8-9am!

  2. Aw, kitty! That would be a bit of a shock to see him/her out there like that.

    The retreat area looks beautiful, although it's too bad you couldn't enjoy your time there much. There's a campground in that area we really want to stay at sometime.

    Very weird about the sandwich. So, they just slapped some Daiya on it with hummus & spinach? I would have had to take it off.... I don't mind it but never was a fan of cold cheese.

    1. I occasionally find the cat hanging out in my yard, but it always jumps the fence when it sees me! I heard the meowing first, then noticed the shadow - he or she was there for probably 15 minutes (meanwhile, Remy was freaking out, as he wanted to have a face to face with the cat. Ha!).

      I think I prefer melted Daiya, too. It was one of those disorganized "make your own sandwich" types of situations, with people yelling out suggestions and offerings!

  3. I remember Vegan Van used to serve Popcorn on the side. Beautiful landscape.

    Oh elusive feline! How they taunt us!

    1. Yes, they did! This was seasoned popcorn, and quite good!

      This one is interesting, as usually I have great success friending animals. Only one other cat on my aunt and uncle's farm hated me (and everyone else, for that matter). We'll see if this dude/lady warms up in time.

    2. Interesting how your neighbors let their kitties outside. Must be a safe quiet area you live in.

  4. What beautiful pictures of the retreat!! I'm sure it wasn't super exciting but at least you had some beautiful views to enjoy between boring meetings :)

    What a cool pic of the kitty! Very mysterious indeed. Great looking summery meals too! Hopefully your transition has been smooth and everything is going well the start of this new school year.