Sunday, August 10, 2014

Non-Edible Consumption

I know you've enjoyed all of my backyard food pictures, but here's the real reason why they've happened: two weeks ago, I sold my kitchen table and chairs.  I've been meaning to move on for a while (read: 5 years, when I first moved in) but I didn't really get serious until the situation presented itself to sell.  I've been looking a lot, and this weekend I made it happen! As you might recall, I had a blonde oak table and chair set.  Now, I have a chocolate brown table, and faux leather (pleather) espresso brown parson chairs.  I'm still figuring out which direction I'll keep it - feel free to weigh in!

Option A:
 Option B:
(There's your Remy picture!)

In case you're curious - the fourth chair is in another room.  I have a small kitchen, so pulling it away from the window isn't really an option. Naturally, now I want new dishes and table linens! Not right away, but eventually.

Also in the same area, I purchased three new plants that will live on the window sill:

While I was emptying my wallet, I saw this adorable lunch tote for $6, and had to buy it.  My co-workers will be so jealous.

Lastly, I have mentioned how I am incorporating more yoga at home with the studio changing hands.  Both of my yoga mats are hand-me-downs, but over the last few weeks I've collected a few more essentials:
Foam blocks, strap, yoga manual, and homemade mat cleaner (distilled water, tea tree oil, lavender oil).  Not shown: yoga hand towels - the super absorbent kind for when I practice at a studio.  All that's left is a bolster, but those are basically expensive pillows - so I'll put it on my Christmas list. 

Alright, it's time to get back to budgeting! Ha ha! See you on Tuesday with our regularly scheduled programming...


  1. Very nice! The table & chairs look awesome. I like both ways you have the table, so maybe just switch it up every once in a while? I've always been good with plants outdoors but am horrible with indoor ones. Yours look very healthy!

    The lunch box is adorable. It's the kind of print that I would purchase, as well. Cuteness and nature together is fantastic!

    How is that yoga book? I've been trying to find a decent one that has details on all the asanas as well as other information about yoga (history, types, etc.). So far I haven't been impressed with the ones I've looked at...

    I really want to get a bolster, too, but like you said, they're pricey! I'd want a hemp or organic cotton one, too, so that's even more expensive. For now I've been using a blanket or towel.

    1. We'll have to have bolster envy for a while longer, I suppose! A blanket rolled up would work nicely - great idea!

      Here's what I can say about the book: it has a lot of poses I already know, but I do like some of the sequence suggestions she offers. I've used some of the restorative poses in my evening practice. I don't know that I'd buy it again, but I don't know where to go (other than yoga teacher training) for more sequences!!

      I've had good success with indoor plants for the most part, so hopefully I figure out the watering/sunlight ratio needed to make these new additions thrive!!

  2. Yeeeeees! I love everything! The table and chairs are really rich and beautiful. I am such a fan of chocolate brown because it is rich and deep. But you can't possibly expect us to be impartial to the table pictures if one of the includes Remy?! While I love seeing his handsome face I think I like the setup in the first pic. I feel like it is cozier and everyone would be sitting closer together but still have plenty of space.

    The lunch tote is so adorable! I think you are right, your coworkers will definitely be jealous. I know I would be. I love the bright pink and the owls :)

    Hooray for expanding your home yoga practice! I bet you are having so much fun trying everything out. I like the mat cleaner too, that is a really great idea. I bet it smells amazing too. A little yoga, a little aromatherapy, wins all around!

    1. The table is currently in Option A, and I think once I move a few more things around - I'll know for sure which works best! It's so tough when dealing with a small space.

      I'm excited about the lunch tote, and hopefully that will help me "get excited" about going back. Ha ha! Right now I'm stressed out, as I have so much work still yet to do.

      The mat cleaner does smell wonderful, and now I want to buy some vinegar to make household cleaner!!

  3. While Option B has a delightful little boy to add to its appeal, I am voting Option A. He is just testing our rational decision making process with his cuddly wiles.

    1. Ha ha! I should have had him in both photos for appropriate bias. ;)

  4. Option B, better fung shui. In A the windowsill to table angle is awkward and someone gets pinned against the wall. Gorgeous table and dining companion! That lunchbox is awesomeness- what a fun print.

    1. Hi Ttrockwood! Option B was the favorite amongst family members, just as I had the previous table perpendicular to the window previously. I'm going to play with both until one feels right! Remy is always a wonderful dining companion!! ;)

  5. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting because all yr food from the last couple days looks fantastic (that zucchini bread!) but I'm glad you'll be able to enjoy all yr food on such a nice table from now on. my apartment is weirdly laid out, so we don't really have a dining room table either.
    Lovely plants too. They always do wonders to brighten up a room.
    I recently bought Sadie Nardini's 21 Day Yoga Body book, and I like it - it's half yoga/half lifestyle book - but haven't gotten through it all that much. I find videos a lot easier to follow at home than a book.

    1. Awe, thanks! The zucchini bread has been soooo good. One day I hope to have a proper dining room, but for now - this does nicely! I love these little plants and hope that they flourish in their new setting!

      I base a lot of my home practice on what I've done in class or what I know to be a restorative pose when before bedtime! I'll have to look for more classes online!

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    1. Thanks, Caralyn! I think so, too :)