Thursday, August 14, 2014

Like a Dinosaur

I did no "work" work today.  I spent the morning attending to a few house tasks, running errands, and followed it up with a hike up the Hogback (that's a geologic expression - read what it is here).  It's called Dinosaur Ridge, and while I grew up 15 minutes away from it - I rarely appreciated its awesomeness.  
Although there is a road, it is closed to regular traffic (park at the bottom).  Bikers, walkers, and an occasional tour bus make up visitors.

Along the Hogback is evidence of an ancient Colorado that was once underwater during prehistoric times.  There are wave ripples on the rocks, volcanic ash, and.... dinosaur footprints.
(Above: shale - prehistoric mud and organic material on the sea floor. Below: water ripples.)

Top of the Hogback:

Down the other side: 

See the round rock in the middle? It's the underneath footprint of a Brontosaurus!

 It's not a long hike (less than 2 miles), but it is quite the incline and it was a bit warm.  Even with water stops and rests in the shade - Remy was really panting!  

This site is "across the street" from Red Rocks, so if you're ever in the area - see both!

Now that I've promoted Colorado tourism (iPhone pictures! Imagine it in person...), the rest of my day included a 25 minute home yoga practice, and general laziness.  Here are the meals (taken with a real camera)...
 Almond Dream plain yogurt with blueberries and maple granola.

 Whole Food's Vegan Sonoma Chik'n Wrap

A trip to Beet Box
 Bhakti Chai with made-in-house Almond Milk, traditional Beet Brownie, and Turtle Brownie.

Close up my afternoon bite:
 It's like chocolate fudge with caramel and nuts frosting. A bit rich, and definitely made for prolonged consumption!

Restaurant style taco salad:
Mixed greens topped with fresh corn, tomatoes, green onions, soy crumbles (taco seasoning, green bell peppers), and avocado.


  1. Remysaurus steals the show! I took 89 on a hike around Ft. Tilden recently and after about 4 miles she just layed down in defeat. So, I carried her. Then I bought her what I thought was a bottle of water; it turned out to be lukewarm seltzer and she was not amused.

    I get the footprints, but the stomachprint? If I believe it (I suppose I do), I'm sorry for the poor dino whose pouch is immortalized for all eternity.

    1. I can imagine 89's displeasure! Ha ha! Hydration is essential.

      They are all footprints! The "bulge" is what was discovered when rock fell away from the underside, as Brontosaurs weighed a lot, thereby crushing the rocky sediment.

  2. Aw, Remy. He looks very happy! 2 miles can really wear you out when it's an incline on a warm day.
    It looks like a gorgeous area & I think it's really cool that you can see fossilized dinosaur prints. Such a beautiful view in that last photo!

    Your camera really takes lovely photos. The blue in the berries is incredible! I could go for a turtle brownie. They sound so rich and so, so good.

    1. I think ultimately it was the lack of shade that did him in, and I know now to wait a few more weeks until cooler temperatures for those "exposed" hikes in the foothills. If you make it this way again, I know you'd enjoy it.

      Thank you, I am wondering why I waited so long to get an actual camera - the difference is astounding! The turtle brownie is so interesting because while quite sugary, I noticed a slight coffee flavor when I took a chunk out of it when it was refrigerated. Fun food with flavor depth that changes over time!

  3. If you're gonna live in Colorado, this is the kind of stuff you gotta take advantage of.

    Remy's tongue is so precious! I would carry him the whole way.

    Hoorsy for Beet Box! Another local treasure!

    1. You are absolutely right, and I should do a better job of appreciating it all!

      I thought about picking him up, but worried that my body heat would only make him hotter. :( Time to wait a few weeks before hitting up another trail!

      I figured you would like the food porn shots. ;)

  4. Ummmm so I'm sure you can imagine I love EVERYTHING about this post! Remy always steals the show because he is so precious but how cool is this location??!?!?!?! I'm going to be adding this to my travel bucket list because the geology nerd in me is totally geeking out right now. Dinosaur foot prints?! Count me in! The photos are gorgeous and it looks like you had an absolutely perfect day! Remy must have slept well after that hike!

    Great looking meals!! Those brownies look like HEAVEN! Beautiful photos of them too. Definitely droolworthy ;) Are you still shooting in JPEG format? If so your camera has a really great color balance because everything looks really rich and lovely. I have to edit all of my photos to make them look normal, lol!

    1. I realized while posting my recap that you would absolutely love hearing about it! And I'm so glad you did! Dinosaur Ridge is listed as a top stop, so I do recommend adding it to your bucket list. Remysaurus did nap off and on for the rest of the day! We've only done short walks the last couple of days to compensate.

      I've realized that taking my time with shots is necessary, so I can only imagine the pressure to do it quickly in your profession! I am using JPEG, and I agree - it is capturing some beautiful colors!

  5. What a beautiful view. I can't believe there are actual dinosaur footprints right there in front of you. Love the water ridges too.
    And yes to the brownies!! I'm bad at savoring even very rich treats. Beautiful taco salad. I've made raw taco salad before, but never with soy crumbles. The corn is a nice touch!

    1. I guess it hasn't been that difficult to eat quickly - I've had a piece of that brownie everyday! Ha! The crumbles were probably my least favorite part; it was one of those "these have been in my freezer for a year or longer" types of decisions. I know I shouldn't feel guilty about wasting them, but I do!

      I love the water ridges, too! A beautiful place!