Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Thank you so much for all of your words of wisdom and support on my last post! It's going to take me a little while to reach full acceptance (I'm still in the bargaining stage, "maybe she'll open another business next year?"  "Perhaps the business partner will sell it back?").  I spent a lot of time reaching out to my favorite teachers and people - who were also looking for me - and we plan on staying in touch. I met with one yoga instructor for coffee yesterday, and I'll see another tomorrow afternoon. All but one of my "regular" instructors have left the business (I chatted with the one, and she feels like staying until the end).  I expect more fallout to come whilst I'm away.  In the meantime, I've been reading reviews about yoga studios to try, but all of the cycling studios use different bikes and are very pricey.

Let's talk about today: it started with an early dentist appointment, so I waited to have breakfast late morning.  Stopping at a Whole Foods that I never frequent, I found a Vegan Vegetable Scramble and hashbrown strings (which looked a little dry, so I threw on some Cholula). And a Bhakti Chai.

 A friend wanted to go to Trader Joe's (her first visit!), and asked me to come along.  We met at Steep first, and caught up.  I enjoyed an iced Boulder Tea (a green tea) with a splash of Lemonade.
I picked up spring rolls for a late lunch:
 The last of the fajitas, served with hatch guacamole, Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream, and corn tortillas.
See you on Thursday, briefly... I think you know why. ;)


  1. The beverages are calling out to me right now. It's so hot here!
    The tofu spring rolls look very good. Were they filling enough for you? And oof, don't remind me.. I need to go to the dentist badly and have been putting it off forever. Was everything ok?

  2. Ugh dentist visits are annoying but necessary sadly and I hope all went well. I'm glad you were able to keep in touch with everyone and it sounds like you will all be able to support each other through the transition. Change is annoying and the situation is sad for everyone involved but I'm confident that you'll be able to maintain the relationships you've built and you will find another place to practice yoga. Who knows, maybe this is all happening for a reason which will present itself to you in the future.

    Beautiful looking meals. I'm especially loving those fajitas, yum! Your beverages look especially delicious too, yum! I still wish I could find the Chai here, I bet it is really refreshing on a hot summer day. Gotta love the peanut sauce too :)

    Yay, it's coming up so soon!! You must be so excited!! I'm excited for you!

  3. That Tofu Scramble is what appeals to me. I'm so excited to read about your trip. Gonna be awesome. Are you flying British Airways?

  4. Hi all! It's not letting me comment directly to each if you (on my phone at airport), but all was well with dentist - just a cleaning. I think I'm coming to terms with the studio change

  5. Just catching up on the studio news from before - gutting. Will you be looking for an alternative gig instead? How is everyone else taking it?
    On from the last comment - if you're flying British Airways/Virgin, watch out for their 'vegan' in flight meals. They often have non vegan ingredients in them. (I've pointed it out to both before, to no avail.)
    Both the chai and scramble are calling to me!