Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day Trip - Windsor

We rented a car from Avis for three days, and drove 500 miles - not even emptying the gas tank.  I did not know this about diesel cars.  Regardless, we were happy to not have to fill more than once, as "petrol" is £5 a gallon (that would be $8.50 a gallon... No complaining about our prices, America.)  Audi A1 Sportback.

First stop: Windsor

 When we arrived, it was time for the "changing of the guard", and so we joined the crowd to watch.  Imagine having a marching band announce the start of your shift!

We took the City Sightseeing Bus Tour, and it whisked us around the town and on to Eton College.  Our biggest regret was not booking a full day in Windsor, as we wished we could have seen the castle on the inside. Our stop (closest to the car) was at the Windsor Farm Shop - the queen's land is used to grow food for Her Majesty and also supplies this store (and adjacent cafe).

(However, the soy milk added to my coffee was most likely not from the farm!)

Lastly, inside the cafe were hung pictures of the royals in Windsor.

And that was only the first half of the day... We then drove to a castle, some ancient rocks, and saw a 900 year old cathedral.  Any guesses?  See you on Tuesday with the answer.


  1. There's so much to comment on in this post!! :) First, I'm impressed with the fact that you guys went and drove around! I don't even like driving here, nevermind having to get used to driving on the other side of the road sitting in the other side of the car! It sounds like an amazing way to take in the sights though.

    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. It looked like you had such a beautiful day and how great to arrive at changing of the guard! I love the blue skies with fluffy clouds in the photos of Eton College. So stunning. The outside sitting area of the shop looks really clean and pretty.

    Ooooh Stonehenge is right around the corner it appears :) Definitely looking forward to it!

    This was your bro's first time in London/England, right? Has he been overseas before at all? He must have had the best time! How nice to be able to experience this together!

    1. It was my brother's first trip out of the states. He's not super interested in traveling, so it was nice of him to go with me. Because of that, I made sure he got what he wanted - including driving! I can't drive a manual, so it was all him. He did a great job, and no doubt we had angels around us preventing tragedy!!

      The pictures did turn out really beautifully, I do agree! And yes, the pattern of part sunshine and part rain continued for the rest of our trip.

      You are correct! Stonehenge, amongst other places!

  2. Hahaha! Those pictures inside the cafe are so funny for some reason. Interesting concept. Glad they had soy milk for you anyway.
    I'm with Sarah - whoa to the car! Who drove?? Was it difficult to get accustomed to driving on the other side?
    The castle is gorgeous.

    1. It wasn't listed, and I had to ask for it - but it wouldn't have killed me to drink my coffee without soy, right? ;)

      My brother drove! He's a car guy, so we paid a little extra for the Audi but it was one major box that needed to be checked on his trip agenda. He did a great job, only going the wrong way twice! Ha!

  3. Beautiful photos. They're actually soothing to my tired eyes. This day of your trip was my favorite so far.

    1. You will love tomorrow's photos! Even more beauty! Thank you for the compliment!