Tuesday, May 6, 2014


No detox drink this morning (or yesterday) as I was out of lemons.  I picked up two packets of Vega One this weekend, as I saw they were on sale.  I used the Vanilla Chai flavor in this morning's smoothie, almond milk, frozen blueberries, and a frozen banana.
 Lunch: the best of intentions.
 Roasted brussel sprouts, chickpeas, butternut squash, and Magic Miso Sauce.  No bueno.  I only ate the sprouts.  The squash was rock hard, despite having been cooked according to the TJs package in the oven.  I won't be buying it again.

I didn't mind feeling hungry when I went to yoga.  I heard my tummy growling while I caught up on the phone with my cousin.  During Remy's walk, I was grumpy.  But it quickly turned to "hangry".  I gave myself permission to have whatever I wanted for dinner.  The result:
It's a good thing I took a picture, because this Native Foods Reuben lasted about eight minutes once I got home.  The pickle was eaten in the car (so as to not road rage anyone on the way home).

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Yesterday, there were donuts, today there were Chinese Take-out boxes with "We are fortunate to have you!" on the outside.  Inside:
(The scratch ticket was non-winning, which is why I am here blogging, and not on my private jet to the Azores.)

See you on Thursday!


  1. The reuben looks like it would get appreciative glances from me - glad to hear you're pro pickle, I can never get why people fear them! Shame about the squash - and what went wrong with the miso? It all looks great. I guess looks can be deceptive!

    1. I appreciated it so much, I ate it all! Ha! I love pickles, and these tasted like they were made in store.

      I'd say the miso sauce was great, but the squash was all bad...

  2. Your smoothie is such a beautiful color! I was going to have a similar one yesterday but my blueberries were all freezer burned :( That is such a bummer when a work lunch doesn't work out as planned. The combination sounds really good though, I'll have to remember that.

    Haha I love the word hangry. I rarely get hangry but I like to call people hangry ;) You definitely deserve that reuben, it looks so good and probably a good call to eat that pickle in the car. Sadly my road rage exists outside of my hunger, ha! Must be the NYer in me.

    1. Ha! I was absolutely "hangry", and downright irrational. I'm not good on low calorie days apparently. ;) I bet my road rage is there anyway, too - I swear like a sailor at most drivers!

      That was the end of my blueberries, and they sure showed up nicely! Have you noticed how thick Vega makes your smoothies? I was aiming for less thick, used more almond milk - and it turned out the same as the day previous: super thick!

  3. The thing with eating a great Reuben is that while you're eating it, you're in another dimension. It's almost like a blackout situation.

    Who is bringing the gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week? The students or the principal?

    1. Oh my gosh, you're absolutely right! One bite, and the world falls away! Ha ha!

      The administrators and office staff, with some help from our teeny tiny parent union. The students just want to know if they can scavenge the leftovers...