Thursday, April 17, 2014


The last waffle in the box, met its end.

The Green Owl best emotes my energy level for the day.

I began eating lunch, only to realize that I'd forgotten to photograph it.

 The last of the early season strawberries were a little soft.

I had a house repair that needed assistance, so my parents came over to help.  We ended the evening with Chipotle. 

And now, an exclamation: see you soon!


  1. Boo for that being the last waffle but yay for using your mug!! I love how all of the owls have different emotions ;) I've been feeling really lethargic lately too, have your allergies been acting up? Mine have been a nightmare :( I love spring but I hate dealing with the allergies.

    Lunch looks amazing. I really wish I liked kale more than I do. You dress yours up really nicely though and hooray for cornbread! The strawberries have such a deep red color, I bet they were nice and sweet! Is that a salad or a burrito bowl? All I see is lettuce and corn ;) Whatever it is I'm assuming that's double lettuce!

    Happy Friday!

    1. I get so many compliments on the mug, I thought it was time to remind the world of its existence! :)

      I definitely have had the allergy flare ups over the last few days. So. Annoying.

      Really you should note that underneath the lettuce is a nice layer of guac, followed by corn. Ha ha! There are black beans and brown rice under there, too.

  2. Time to make your own Waffles in the Waffle Iron.

    Did you get the Sofritas in your Chipotle Bowl? I see you're still not too shy to ask for extra Lettuce as I am.

    1. Just the veggie bowl from Chipotle! I have tried the Sofritas once, but I just really love guacamole. Especially when it is already included in the price. ;) Oh yes, more lettuce!

  3. I like the statements. Very assertive ;)
    Also, all very pretty food. Strawberries are so delicious when they're good!

    1. Hi Maud! We have to mix up our blog posts, right?! :) Statements, it was!

      I'm all out of berries, and am sad to have to wait until they are on sale again. Ha!