Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oh, Thursday

Chocolate Brown Rice Protein, frozen banana, vanilla almond milk

Wild rice and steamed broccoli

Carrot, apple, ginger juice from Parsley.  I kinda want to try the carrot and mint next time. 

Tofu scramble and grits for dinner.

I'm so happy it is almost the weekend, it has been one busy week! See you then!


  1. The juice sounds so good! I am all about fresh juices these days, and carrot-ginger is a classic! Let us know if you like the carrot-mint.
    The smoothie sounds good but I usually cram so many ingredients in mine, I wonder if I'd be full with that.
    A really nice, fresh bunch of meals today. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. I'm already thinking about when I'll pick up a juice! It sounds interesting. I hope it isn't gross considering the cost. . .

      I usually follow it up with a big cup of coffee followed by three hours of solid teaching. No time for hunger, but I'm always ready for lunch by 11am - which is right when I finishing my last morning class!

  2. The juice sounds so tasty!! As you know I've been loving my juices lately ;) I'd love to hear what you think about the carrot mint. It sounds like such an interesting combo.

    That smoothie combo is such a classic. I bet it tasted like a delicious chocolate shake :) Your broccoli is so vibrant and your scramble and grits looks really creamy and delicious.

    Happy almost Friday!! It's almost the weekend! I have a wedding and another day of work until my weekend, sadly :( But I'm going to treat myself with my wedding earning so I'm excited about that!

    1. I am super envious of your juicer! Even if it is a pain to clean.

      It was a chocolate shake for breakfast! Ha ha!

      I hope the wedding is beautiful, pain-free, and with some vegan friendly eat!

  3. Chocolate Brown Rice Protein? I'll have to look for that on the shelves once I finish my Vanilla Hemp Protein.

    Great looking Grits.

    1. I bought it in a tub off of Amazon a few years ago, and it is set to expire soon. I'll take a picture of it for you soon!

      Creamy grits all the way!

  4. My Hemp Protein Powder expired years ago. Doesn't stop me from still using it.