Sunday, March 9, 2014

What You've Missed

My lunch Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week: Mushroom Bourguignon, Wild Rice, Kale
 Pancakes, syrup, and half of a banana
 Stuffed Grape Leaves
 When I don't have time to make my own:
 I tried the TJ's PB filled Pretzels (good)
Almond Milk Latte and conversation with a friend
Thursday: 61 degrees.  Friday: 4 inches of snow.
Remy - alert.
 Terra - in action.
 My brother spent the weekend snowboarding at Copper Mountain. I requested a photo from the slopes.  And now I'm jealous.

I'm guessing that three closest skiers are my aunt, uncle, and cousin (they drove up from TX - the same ones we visited last June).

Here we go! Another week of work and the usual classes.  See you on Tuesday!


  1. Surprised you liked the PB Pretzels. I thought the Pretzel part was too sweet/light. Yet, I still have the mostly uneaten bag sitting on the shelf.

    Beautiful Pancakes, as usual.

    We're getting your Thursday weather tomorrow. Thanks!

    1. My only complaint with the pb pretzels would be they are dry - but it prevents me from overeating, so I guess that's good. Ha!

      I hope you enjoyed the nice weather, it was even warmer yesterday. . .And today it snowed. We're definitely approaching spring!

  2. I haven't eaten stuffed grape leaves in a while (dolmas?). I need to get some more - they are addictive. Snow pics are gorgeous!

    1. Yes, dolmas! I love these little ones, fresh and delicious. I agree - such a beautiful photo from the ski resort!

  3. You had me at dolmas... and puppies... and lattes... and pancakes. OK lets be honest, I love everything about this post. Your pancakes looks so fluffy and delicious and I love your snacks. How did you like the kale chips?

    The pic your brother sent is beautiful. I've been snowboarding twice and both times were just epic fails. Horrible lol. The mountain looks so beautiful and peaceful though. Hope you are having a good day today!

    1. Ha ha! This was a fun post, I agree! So crazy that we've had three days above sixty degrees, and two snow storms in the last five days. The kale chips are good enough, but homemade are better! I don't know how to ski or snowboard, and this picture has heavily increased my desire to learn!

  4. I've never been skiing but that's a beautiful shot! I could make it to the slopes just to see that.
    All the meals look fantastic. And, yes, baby kale is just that much better than regular kale. It's been so long since I've had kale chips since I'm too lazy to make my own and too poor to buy the bags.. but nice choice.
    Saw dolmas at the olive bar yesterday and resisted...maybe not next time...

    1. I've only tried skiing once - when I was 8 - and failed miserably, while my family laughed at me. Loudly. It put me off trying for awhile (or forever, as it appears! Ha!) I'll try it again when I have $300 to blow. So, not soon.

      Baby kale! So cute, isn't it? ;) The kale chips were on sale here - $2 cheaper than usual!!

  5. Woah - what beautiful pictures of the snow I can see why you're jealous! I reckon your snow dogs still win out though! I rather fancy the look of the filled pretzels and kale chips. Yum!