Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's Finally Here

Woo! Spring Break!

But I am not there, I am here.  At home, and not working - which is almost as good. So far this weekend, there has been a lot of sleeping, some cleaning, some time spent with my brother, and some exercise.  Additionally, a few new things:
 Vegan Cookies from Whole Foods! Crispy Chocolate Chip and Everything.
(I tried half of the chocolate chip - decent, but not super flavorful.  Everything cookie, only a bite thus far - so good!)
 Tried the new Daiya cream cheese.
 This is an onion bagel, so it might not be a real review of the product - but it tastes alright to me.

And Frankie came over to play.

While I do have to actually get work (for school and around the house) done this week, I'm going to try to have a little fun.  For example, I'll try different teachers at the studio and go to classes offered at different times.  Tonight I'm heading to a Restorative Yoga class.  I'm envisioning a lot of laying down. Ha!  Hopefully I can catch up with a few friends, go on a hike, and do a little experimentation in the kitchen.  I realize that when I say "experimentation", and you know I live in Colorado. . .but it will not involve pot brownies, mmmkay?  See you soon...


  1. Hi Frankie! How is Terra feeling?
    Chive and onion sounds like a great flavor.. I would put that on everything. Do you not like Tofutti, or do you not see it? It's definitely the cheaper brand, in these parts at least.
    I occasionally buy WF chocolate chip cookies and you're right - they're just decent (though I did get a soft, fresh one the other day and it was better.) They must have a store-wide recipe they use. Never seen a vegan everything cookie though.

    1. Terra is about the same. :( If she's not markedly improved by the end of the week, I hope they take her in for an x-ray.

      I am Team Tofutti all the way - the Daiya was on sale, and I thought I would try it out of curiosity. I'm going to try in a tofu scramble and see how it is. No molasses cookies here, and it is rare to find the vegan everything cookie - I was at a suburban Whole Foods when I picked it up!

  2. Aww yay Frankie!! What a cutie! Have you heard any news about Terra? Poor thing, I'm still sending my healing vibes!

    I don't think I've ever had a WFs vegan cookie but I'm fascinated by the "everything" cookie. Does that just mean there is a whole bunch of stuff in it? I bet that's tasty. I tried the plain Daiya CC and I'm not going to lie, I kind of hated it. Like one bite and then my food and the container went in the garbage hated it. And I'm way too cheap and lazy to waste food/meals. Maybe the flavored kind is better?

    Hooray for spring break! I'm so excited and admittedly a little jealous of you. I hope you enjoy every second of your break and that you get to try fun new classes and go hiking and do all of the things you want to do. We won't judge you on your kitchen experiments, don't worry ;)

    Looking forward to your next vacation update!

    1. She is the same, from what I understand. I guess she tried to put all of her weight on the right leg (probably by accident) when trying to move from laying to standing, and she yelped in pain. :( Thus, she is about the same. Thank you for the healing vibes!

      I definitely like the consistency of Tofutti the best, but the flavor was okay. I can see how the plain would be gross. I think I'll use it my scrambles to give it the final test! I saw they had strawberry, too - but I like savory better.

      Last week was incredibly long, and it is only today that I am realizing the reality of Spring Break! It's going to be in the 50s temperature wise, so not exactly resort weather. ;) The Restore class last night was. . .interesting. I'd describe it as a gentle yin; we held relaxed stretching poses for three or four minutes. Such as: we started in savasana with a bolster under our knees, and she came around to place blankets over us and eye pillows. Cat/cow rotation. Seated forward fold with your head resting on a bolster. I think my eyes were closed 98% of the time. I don't think I'll go back unless my week has been super stressful (which is why I went this time!).

  3. Oh! Frankie! Those ears!!!! Oh yeah, how's Terra doing? Terra is sweet and beautiful, but Frankie made my heart skip a beat.

    We don't get the Everything Cookie over here. Just the Chocolate Chip and Molasses.

    I'm with Sarah on the Daiya Cream Cheese. Not a fan. I am a fan of James Franco though. Spring Break! Spring Break!

    1. I know! His ears are definitely the most expressive part of him. It's hilarious to see him in different states of "alertness".

      The vegan Everything cookie is a rare find; it's not at my usual Whole Foods. If you recall the tour series of three stores I did a couple of years ago - this is the one that is furthest away (but it is the biggest). I usually don't want to waste time to drive there, but every few months I like to see what different items they carry!

      I'm going to use the Daiya in a scramble next to see how it turns out! Woo hoo! Spring Break! James Franco!

  4. So glad to hear about the brownies - keep it sweet and clean, like you.