Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Sustenance

Exhibit A: Toasted Everything Bagel with Tofutti
 Exhibit B: from the caverns of childhood recipes, a veganized "Smoky Po" with Tofurky Kielbasa (the only item needing to be veganized), green bell pepper, onion, and potato.
 Exhibit C: Steamed Kale with Everyday Happy Herbivore Mushroom Gravy, Simple Organics Meatless Crispy Patty

Addendum: Vinyasa Flow, as the Ride HIIT class had a long waitlist.  When are these New Year's Resolutioners going to stop coming?! I'm kidding.  Maybe.


  1. I hope winter sustenance turns to spring sustenance soon. I'm so over it! Your winter meals do look great though. I'm always a fan of a good bagel for breakfast and lunch looks really great. The mushroom gravy looks so savory, what a great topping for the kale. Nice comforting meals today :)

    Annoying about the wait list!! I've been getting some great workouts with all of the shoveling so I guess that's a good thing to come out of the crappy weather!

    1. I know we're about six weeks out from Spring, but I am ready now!! You are definitely being worked by the continual snow storms - ugh! I hope it ends soon.

      These heavy meals, while tasty, are definitely weighing me down! I feel like a log! Ha ha!

  2. Excellent schmear on that Bagel.

    Smokey Po?! Is that like a Swedish version of a Po Boy? Anymore deets on that dish for folks who enjoy faux meats and taters?

    1. Ironically, Smoky Po is a Weight Watchers Cookbook recipe from the 80's. I used to hate bell pepper and onion as a kid, so it took me until adulthood to appreciate it. Basically, while you boil potato slices or wedges, sautee Kielbasa in a little evoo. Add onion and pepper (and chopped garlic, if you've got it). Once the potatoes are mostly cooked, add them to mix and season as you like. I used Italian Seasoning and lots of ground pepper. Also, I used a little vegetable bouillon for cooking the potatoes for extra flavor.