Thursday, February 6, 2014

Temperature Check

-9 Degrees and a PB Waffle

4 Degrees and released from work: Vegetable Rice and Peanut Tofu Curry from WF
While my classroom was 68 degrees (almost comfortable), other rooms were 20 degrees cooler. The winning classroom: 41 degrees.  The building is 90 years old, but they put in a new heating system a year and a half ago. The boiler works, the vents are open,. . .the contractor who installed them sees no urgency in fixing them.  So, when we were released from school, I picked up lunch.  Took a nap, and went to Yoga. 

-3 Degrees and Native Foods bought me dinner:
Deli Reuben and Native Fries.
(The month of your birth, the Rewards Card credits you $10 towards a meal.)

Now I'm really full, in need of a detox, and about 16 blankets (-8 degrees as I type).


  1. Yr waffle looks so so good! I did end up picking up a package of Vans but have yet to smear them with PB.
    I remember how hot you were at school in the summer and wow, I can't imagine 48* inside! Are you wearing a coat?? Does yr school have a home ec class? maybe you can all huddle around the oven, and bake delicious vegan food.
    Is yr birthday coming up??

    1. Everyone has been wearing coats; the hallways are so cold, I think they are emptying out faster than normal. No Home Ec, but standing near an oven would be the helpful! Yes, I age yet another year soon. Yikes! ;)

  2. You ate good! Why does your WF's do so many Peanut Sauce dishes? We get no Peanut Sauce love here in Virginia. Yet, the state is known for its Peanuts!

    The Reuben and Fries look like the best ever. Well worth braving sub-zero temps to acquire.

    So they let you go early because of the faulty heating system?

    1. Rest assured - the tofu peanut curry sauce stuff was nearly flavorless. What a waste! It was a great sandwich, a little sloppier than usual but it was the daily special, so they had probably made a few hundred by the time I showed up. Sadly, the fries did not survive the temps, and were eaten cold. Ha!

      Yes, apparently if you have three consecutive days of intolerable heat or cold, you are released. This is third time during this school year (once for heat in August, twice for cold - December, and yesterday). Staff was there today, no student, for campus-wide training (it's sad we have to be talked through what to do in an active shooter situation, but considering everything that has happened. . .), and it was still pretty cold. The admin had people working on the heating system.

    2. Sounds like the school system needs to rebuild your school from the ground up.

  3. Your waffles always look great! I love the big schmear of peanut butter, it looks so good. What doesn't look good is all of those cold temperatures! That's so awful, I feel so bad that you have to deal with that!

    Lunch from WFs looks great! I can commiserate with you on the cold workplace. Our heat is on a timer and timed pretty stupidly so it doesn't turn on until we get in... meaning we walk in and it's 55. It's also really shitty and can take almost my full work day to get up to temperature on a really cold day. Oh and have I mentioned that we don't have hot water? At all? Imagine how fun it is to wash our hands! 41 degrees in a classroom is ridiculous though... poor students and poor teacher!

    The reuben really does look great! Very cool that you got a discount too! I love companies that give birthday discounts. I always look forward to my birthday coffee from Starbucks :) You are the 13th right?

    Happy weekend and stay warm!

    1. We broke the freezing mark today, so I think we'll be thawing out soon! In the mean time, I need to cut back on the comfort food. Ha ha!

      I appreciate measures to conserve energy, but they are counterproductive by making the heat work twice as hard! Letting it get that cold is ridiculous, and not cost effective because it has to run all day! I don't even let my house get that cold when I'm gone. Yeesh! No wonder you wear gloves at your desk!

      Good memory. ;) This weekend I'll cash in my Starbucks free drink! I love all the bday swag from places I frequent! Ha ha!

  4. Hope the weather's picking up - I keep reading all these posts about the snow, and can't decide whether I should be grateful or disappointed we've got none of the white stuff here!