Sunday, February 23, 2014


I seem to have fallen into a routine of overbooking myself on the weekends, for nearly all weekends since the holidays.  And I seem to eat out more than I should! I did try to reign it in this weekend, but another friend wanted to go out for my birthday (belately) and then celebrating my brother landing a full time job at an engineering firm (he has worked retail since his internship ended September 30th).  Next weekend, my grandparents from Kansas are in town. Thus, the routine continues. . .

Homemade Meals:
 (Blueberry Pancakes)
(Avocado Pasta)

Restaurant Meals:
(Pizza Fusion - Very Vegan Mushroom Pizza)

(Cheesecake Factory - Fresh Vegetable Salad without cheese)

Another routine which I have not shared in the past few weeks is my workout schedule, so here ya go:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Align & Flow Yoga
Tuesday - Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Wednesday - YogaCycle (RideTRX is sold out)
Thursday - Gentle Vinyasa (they hired a new teacher, I'll try her out)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - YogaCycle

I hope your weekend has been wonderful! See you in a few. . .


  1. Hmmm, at least you were out celebrating wonderful things this weekend! Birthday celebrations are always great and congrats to your brother on his new job! Very exciting news for him! And a visit from your grandparents will be nice so while you'll be busy it'll be a good busy! :)

    Your meals look fantastic! The pancakes look really lovely and fluffy and I always mean to try that avocado pasta. This batch looks exceptionally creamy and yummy. The restaurant meals look great too. it's always a nice treat to be able to go out to a restaurant and order pizza. The Cheesecake Factory salad looks good too. I love salads with apple in it. Must be the NYer in me ;)

    Very exciting that they hired a new Gentle Vinyasa instructor, I hope you like her! You are doing awesome!

    1. Any kind of busy without some down time (darn introverted self that I am!) is a little tough for me! At least grandparents are not too draining!

      This was a great avocado, I'm definitely using the rest tomorrow night (more pasta). Lots of carbs! Ha ha! Yes, the salad was so good!

      Welp, she'll have to wait - they've got a sub this Thursday (luckily, it's one that I adore!). I'm doing something, but it's not quite awesome! ;)

  2. Congratulations to yr brother!! Kudos to all engineers. Will he be staying in Denver?
    The blueberry pancakes sound fantastic. Love mushrooms on pizza - nice choice.
    I really ought to take some exercise inspiration from you and get the hell out to some yoga classes.

    1. I think I've told more people than my brother has - I'm definitely excited for him, and yes - he's staying in town, which makes me very happy!

      I will say that classes in NYC must be insanely pricey. I was reading an article about spinning online, and one of the sponsors is SoulCycle. Out of curiosity, I checked out their packages. . .At $30 a class, I could never go! Our 20 pass punchcard is $240. . .so $12 a class.

  3. That is one routine I would want to get stuck in! The Pizza Fusion looks like the real deal. Your Cheesecake Factory Salad looks better than the one they make over here. What Pancake Recipe did you use?

    1. Ha ha! I am definitely eating out a lot! I use the All Natural Log Cabin mix swapping out the egg with Ener-G.

  4. More congratulations for your bro! And I definitely don't think you should rein in the eating out - I love drooling at meals other people get to enjoy. That pizza in particular looked amazing - did it taste as good as it looked?

    1. Thanks Joey! I'll pass along the congrats! Oh, I definitely should be eating at home more - more vegetables seem to happen that way!

  5. Hey, you did go to Pizza Fusion! I need a workout schedule...