Thursday, February 20, 2014



Gentle Vinyasa Yoga (at home - 25 minutes)

Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters


  1. I'm with Shen, those oven fries look AMAZING. Great looking meals all around and I love that you did yoga on your own at home. Great way to make up for the canceled class! I'm so craving cereal right now. I'll have to get on that.

    Hooray for the weekend!

    1. I think they have found a replacement teacher, and should be returning that class to the schedule. I'll try her out next week, and see how it goes! In the meantime, I don't know enough to extend my home practice - but hopefully I get more comfortable as time goes on!

      These Nutty Nuggets are approaching stale, I have a little bit left - hopefully I finish them and move on to different cereal soon!

      Indeed, hooray! :)

  2. My sister was a grape nuts addict as a kid (yes, we were only allowed healthy cereals....) and she loved them hot, just nuked the bowl milk and all with some cinnamon.
    Glad the dk choco almond clusters are making it into your day, and those are some super professional potatoes you have!
    If you're interested there are a gazillion yoga videos on youtube.....too bad i would impale myself on my coffee table or just doze off trying that at home.

    1. I love cereal, and we weren't allowed to have the sugary stuff either! The almonds are dangerous! Ha, ha - thanks for the potato compliment! :)

      I've tried a few videos, but I feel like they need to be differentiated; most are geared to noobs who don't know the name of a pose or why one should hold it. I want someone to bark poses to me, and then I do it! Ha!