Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nearly There

Alright, one more day until the weekend. It's going to be a long Friday (we're doing a university tour /panel all day), and the week was long from the start! Speaking of long, I've been eating the same things all week (think Sunday and Tuesday's menu on repeat) - so, I ended that streak with a bang: Native Foods Cafe.

Southwest Chipotle Chop Salad (naked)
Oh yeah.

Prior to that, was Gentle Vinyasa.  It's never quite long enough! I feel like I'm just getting into it when it's time for corpse pose.

Buddha Bowl for Lunch:

Oatmeal with PB for Breakfast:

And prior to all of this - I was sleeping. Probably dreaming it was the weekend...


  1. Chip chop! Backwards days are fun...

    1. Ha ha! I know - it must be so laborious to write "chipotle" or "chopped". ;)

  2. So no more Native Foods Peanut Sauce? Looks like you're making do with the Chip Chop instead. It has been a long week. I plan to sleep in late tomorrow.

    1. No, it is forever gone. . . Apparently they have a few "old favorites" back on the menu, but no new salads.

      I'm so glad the week is over! Thank goodness!

  3. Haha love the Chip Chop! Hooray for treating yourself to a nice meal from Native Foods. You definitely deserved it after the long week. I miss my yoga class. Especially Savasana. My instructor would run soothing essential oils in her hands and place a dot on our foreheads at the end of practice while we were laying in Savasana and that moment was always my favorite of the class. It was so incredibly peaceful and calming and for a split second everything just stopped and it was just me in a total state of relaxation. I miss that and my instructor. She was great.

    Anyway, beautiful Buddha Bowl and hooray for oats! I should have oats for breakfast on Sunday... Mmmm.

    Happy Weekend!!

    1. Your description of the class is exactly why I keep going! It works on more than a muscular level. Do you have a time or class in mind for trying it soon?

      I'm so over all of the food in this post - thank goodness I can go grocery shopping! Ha ha!