Saturday, January 11, 2014

Full Saturday

It has been a while since I posted a complete Saturday; usually I show weekend highlights or a full Sunday.  Thus, behold a complete Saturday for your viewing pleasure:
 Half of a grapefruit, oats with strawberry jam mixed in, black coffee.

YogaCycle: I increased my baseline gear, and thus worked a lot harder.  Yoga was a little more balance focused (Warrior 3, Figure 4, etc) with light stretching.

A trip to Sprouts for mostly produce:
I also picked up a roll to add to my lunch of leftover Cuban Black Beans over mixed greens:
 Quick visit at a friend's house, laundry, cleaning, et al.
 Peppercorn Water Crackers and Garlic Hummus

A free evening means adventures in the kitchen: homemade cucumber avocado sushi

Sriracha line as I don't have wasabi.  A little chewier than store bought - but my nori sheets have been living on the top shelf for a while. Otherwise, I impressed myself by remembering the process, seeing as it has been ages since I made homemade sushi rolls.

Dark chocolate and some tea to end the evening.  

P.S. I'm about 85% right now, almost feeling better!  See you tomorrow with Sunday's eats and the weekly workout schedule.


  1. Look at those gorgeous tight Rolls! I'm super impressed! They look better than I get in most restaurants around here. Glad you're feeling better.

    1. Thanks, Shen! I am definitely out of practice, and need to hone my skills a little more.

  2. Whoa! Nice rolls! The rest of the meals look really great too. I like what you did with those black beans...

    1. Thanks, Maud! Warm salads are great in the winter, and the beans were a good start - I need to experiment with other ideas, too!

  3. Damn girl, you are amazing!!! Not only do you make amazing meals (look at those sushi rolls!), but you make them when you are sick! I'm so impressed by your determination to get better and keep up your routine. Breakfast looks lovely and the workout sounds so intense. Balance is the absolute hardest aspect for me in yoga... my balance is TERRIBLE, ha!

    Great looking haul and I love the idea of the beans and greens served up with a yummy roll. Sounds like a perfect meal to me. As I mentioned before, your sushi rolls are so impressive. The look beautiful and I'm sure they tasted amazing.

    Keep taking care of yourself, glad you are feeling better! I hope you reach 100% very soon!

    1. Ha ha! Thanks, Sarah! 85% is significantly better than the 25% wellness I had on Thursday, and I'd say I'm almost myself again this morning. So many people are sick - and they had flu shots (interesting!), thus I am determined to stay well. You're so right - balance is super difficult! I'm better at a twist than a balance pose, and I really should start practicing more at home. I increased my baseline because I've been using the same resistance for months now. . .whew! Who knew one level could change so much!

      As you know, I've been pining for oranges and sadly, so many were in bad shape. I hope next week's produce will have more!

      Thank you! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  4. Great looking produce haul there! Somehow i never think of oat bran for anything but granola or baking.... Love the beans on salad combo, very satisfying somehow b
    Your sushi is so impressive! I have never been so ambitious to make my own... The cucumber and avo is a great fresh combo.
    The spin bikes at my gym don't have any notches or numbers on the resistance (not sure if that's a good thing?) so i just crank it till i'm panting ;)

    1. Hmm. . .Do you know what kind of spin bikes they are? I'd be curious to know! This studio uses Keiser bikes. Thanks for the compliment, and I love oat bran as a breakfast cereal!!