Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Van's Gluten Free Waffle with PB and maple syrup. Oh yes.
 Asian Chopped Salad with mandarin oranges.


Vinyasa Flow.

Everyday Happy Herbivore Mushroom Gravy over steamed kale and homemade cornbread.  All of her gravies are absolutely amazing.
 Lastly, my neighbor sent me a message, asking if I had use for this container.  She put Remy's friend, Frankie (a Chihuahua mix), in it for scale.
  I'm still laughing...


  1. OMG hahaha that pic with the pup is SO FREAKING CUTE!!!! That is hilarious, I love it! I would love to receive texts like that :) Puppy pics always brighten my day.

    Um holy crap, that waffle! That looks incredible, yum!! I'm definitely a little jealous of that deliciousness. The salad looks really beautiful too. I've been loving simple popcorn lately! It is such a great snack, yum! Do you have any favorite toppings? I need to try some of her gravies because they always look great when other people make them! Your dinner looks delicious. Gravy is such a good winter food, I feel like it's really warm and comforting :)

    Have a great day! I'm debating a sick day today because I've had a massive migraine since yesterday, boo :(

    1. I have looked at that picture everyday this week! It's just too much!! Ha ha!

      Super yummy waffle, I'm so glad they were on sale as normally I wouldn't think to pick up a box. I am a popcorn eating machine - and Remy loves it, too. As soon as I open the bag - he's right there! In addition to popcorn, I've been feeling gravy quite a bit! This mushroom one is superb.

      I hope you are feeling better! Headaches are the worst. ;(

  2. The Kroger's PB sure looks smooth. I've been in 'Gravy Mode' before. What an odd container. I'd only take it if Frankie came with it.

    1. I'm currently living in "gravy mode". I declined the container, but I saved that photo to my phone - it's absolutely hilarious! His ears reflect his displeasure at being a model.

  3. I think those waffles are on sale here now. This would probably be a good time to try them, huh?
    The Asian chopped salad looks really good. I'd probably throw some tofu in there too.
    It's been a long time since I've had a gravy but the mushroom one looks really delicious. Guess that's on my to-make list along with the waffles.

    1. Yes, I bought them on sale! Normally I wouldn't pick them up - and I don't care about gluten too much, but these waffles are delicious. I've thrown in broccoli instead of mandarin oranges, but I bet tofu would be great in that salad! The funny thing is, I was never a gravy person. Happy Herbivore has turned me into one - at least a homemade gravy eater. ;)