Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's All Good

It's so historic, that teachers who have worked in my district for 20+ years have never had it happen. . . tomorrow we're having a "Heat Day".  Two years ago, the district put in a policy that allowed the 79 schools without air conditioning to have a half day of school, should the conditions prove as such: three consecutive school days with temperatures 10 degrees or higher than the average.  Well, obviously, Colorado has done that.  The hottest part of the day in my (east facing) room is the morning, so it really isn't doing me (or my students) any favors, but I will take a free afternoon!

Mock Tuna and spinach on Sunflower Whole Wheat, cucumber slices taken for lunch.
An expensive peach for pre-yoga snack.

Dinner: my attempt at a breakfast burrito (or two, rather, since I had fajita size tortillas on hand).  The filling:
Tofu, (boiled) potatoes, roasted chili, onion, tomato, and Daiya Cheddar Shreds.

Today, I went to a 60 minute gentle vinyasa class: a few flow sequences that were manageable, and lots of stretching.  I appreciated that greatly because after yesterday's interval ride (it was a small class), we stayed an extra 15 minutes after class and learned to use the TRX equipment (straps attached to the wall, you use your body weight).
We did AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 30 seconds  - repeated three times - of chest presses (shown above), bicep curls (face the other way - towards the wall), and rows.  My arms are sore, but it hurts to sit up or walk due to the ab workout.  I failed miserably.  It was this:
Also, the owner of the studio taught the ride class and this impromptu TRX session. We discussed my availability again for working at the studio, and she's emailing out the schedule tomorrow! So, it looks like it's happening (although, until the email arrives - I won't fully believe it! Ha!).

Almost to the three day weekend! Woo hoo!  See you soon. . .

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oh, the Heat!

No, I will not stop complaining. ;)

Here's the temperature where the day started (in my classroom) :
I ran out of the building at the end of the day, and didn't photograph our high: 93.  But the prize of the day goes to the guy who teaches Algebra I & II - it topped at 98 degrees.  Makes no mistake, I work in Hades.  Ha! I'm laughing because I have no salt or water left in my body to form tears.  ;)

But before all that, back in my air conditioned home I had Smart Start with unsweetened almond milk.
I brought along some carrots, which apparently I forgot to photograph, and a Happy Herbivore Mock Tuna with spinach on Sunflower Whole Wheat.
Dinner: Farmer's Market fare - corn, and Sweet & Spicy Cucumbers
There will also be a peach, maybe two - but first I need to write tomorrow's PowerPoint. 

I fully anticipate being just as whiny on Thursday. Ha! See you then. . .

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to Market & to Class

As previously mentioned, I was scraping by at the end of the week (or rather. . .not cooking at home), so I replenished my produce at the Farmer's Market.

I purchased collard greens (from the first pic), cauliflower, cucumbers, corn (from the second pic), and I finally paid an arm and a leg for some local peaches.

Five peaches for five dollars.

I also went to the grocery store, and have already prepped my lunch for the next three days.  The students have their first day tomorrow, so here we go! 

Keeping in my mind that I apparently still need classes for exercise accountability, I am going to four this week (mainly because that's the end of my punch card - otherwise, I'd go to five):

Sunday: YogaCycle (I went, it was great - and I should mention that yesterday's class was intensely awesome and my abs hurt a lot).
Monday: rest
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: Ride HIIT (high intensity interval training - so basically, a lot of sprints)
Thursday: Gentle Flow (my first 60 minute yoga class!  I'm only used to 30, so we'll see. . .)
Friday: happy hour rest
Saturday: YogaCycle

 How was your weekend?  See you on Tuesday!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


While we were in the mountains, the city decided to play within 99-100 degrees during the day.  We've stayed close to that temperature, and the 90 year old building where I work is like an oven.  Yesterday it was 93 degrees in my classroom!  Aaaah! Today it was a balmy 89.  I actually sweated more during my 8 hours at work, than my YogaCycle class yesterday afternoon.  Speaking of which, I didn't make it to my workout today and I'll tell you why: I still need to go to a class.  I'm not disciplined enough to do it otherwise.

A while ago, Maud suggested I try coconut water in my smoothies:
Two black plums, frozen banana, frozen pineapple, spinach and coconut water:
Out to lunch with co-workers: Bombay Bowl
Their menu is very vegan friendly, and quite possible the best tofu I've ever had.  This was a Sweet Korma Bowl (coconut milk based with a light spice) with tofu and chili-lime (super spicy!) drizzle over jasmine rice.  We all appreciated this place for their air conditioning.

Lunch was at noon, but it really kept me full until about 5:30pm when I snacked on some cocoa dusted almonds.
Time to be honest: I didn't go grocery shopping last weekend (nor to the Farmer's Market), and finished off everything but kale and a few potatoes.  I also finished anything that would turn those items into a salad, so it was time for dinner at Whole Foods. . .
Broccoli Slaw, Asian Sesame Cabbage Salad, rice with corn and green chilies, cauliflower (I picked it out of a mixed veggie grill - that's black pepper on top).

Other titles for today could have been: "made with coconut" or "not cooking at my house".  But really, all I do is sweat and take showers, so that made more sense.  ;)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Work Retreat

Sunday afternoon, I carpooled up to Snow Mountain Ranch for a faculty and support staff retreat.
It was 85% meetings, and the rest involved adult beverages, and board games / cards / dominoes / fire pit.  The location is run by the YMCA, no technology (yes electricity) and eco friendly.  When we had breaks we would get outside and explore (others played soccer, threw a football around, or frisbee golf).
I didn't sleep well - no, it wasn't vodka's fault - but rather, due to my light sleeping nature and snoring roommates.  I always left my phone in my room, so I didn't snap pictures of meals.  Basically, instant oatmeal and fruit in the morning - salad, chips, sandwich or veggie burger for the other meals. A little too much snacking on popcorn and mixed nuts.
Close to forty people gathered in the "main house" (many of us were up the road in a lodge / dorm style building), and this (above) was our view in the great room during the meetings .
I enjoyed getting to know all of the new staff and catching up with everyone else.  Remy hung out with my parents and their dog, but I'm happy to have him home with me again!  After picking him up today, I stopped by Whole Foods to grab a late lunch:
Vietnamese Noodle & Tofu Salad with Peanut Sauce.

One of my colleagues made us "beverage cups" from an idea she saw on Pinterest:
Yes, the aforementioned vodka (and flavored San Pellegrino) lived here a few times.

I'd been thinking about this kale and potato salad for a while, so I made it happen tonight for dinner:
Boiled potatoes, kale, dressing: Tofutti cream cheese with garlic powder and Italian Seasoning.

I hope the week has been treating you well! I can't wait to sleep in my bed . . . goodnight! ;)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Recent Eats & Set Up

A few meals from Friday and Saturday for your viewing pleasure:

Workouts for this week:

Sunday: Beginner & Intermediate Ride (60 minute spin class)
Monday & Tuesday: Rest; I'll be at a retreat for work - actually starting this afternoon
Wednesday: YogaCycle
Thursday: Treadmill Intervals
Friday: HIIT workout (bodyweight and treadmill)
Saturday: YogaCycle

If I haven't mentioned it yet, the owner of the studio where I am hoping to work/trade is out of town until Friday. Waiting is fun! ;)

See you on Tuesday!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rest Day

Frozen banana, pb, and almond milk smoothie.

After work, I went with a friend to Civic Center Eats and visited the Vegan Van:
Planet Rock with a side of Rock Steady
(Spicy Tofuffalo with ranch slaw and supergreens vegan caesar salad)

Cocoa dusted almonds and blueberries

Kale & strawberry salad with poppyseed dressing; corn on the cob

It would seem the tree outside my classroom window (it's 90 degrees outside, and the building was built in the 1920's. . .it's hot in there, no a/c) is giving off some serious pollen.  The sinus pressure is rockin' my face off.  Or maybe, I'm just allergic to freshman. . . ;)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Get To It

Yesterday's alarm clock was rough, and this morning wasn't much easier, but the day itself felt better.  Transition always takes time, but I'm getting there!  I could work half days forever. Ha!

Last night, close to 20 gals and myself met with the owner of the yoga and cycle studio regarding work/trade for membership (there are a handful of studios, we're not all vying for the same position).  This has been in the works for four weeks, and I still don't know the outcome!  I submitted my availability last night. I'd work two-three hours a week for a monthly unlimited membership pass.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I grabbed one of these on my way out the door (and to Starbucks for soy latte as well):

Once home after work, I crammed some watermelon in my face and made lunch:
Toasted onion bagel, Tofutti, the reddest tomatoes I've ever seen (farmer's market).

Ironically, my HIIT (high intensity interval training) spin class was taught by the owner and one of my favorite instructors was on the other side of the studio as a student.  It was tough, and I'm sure my quads will be screaming tomorrow.

Frozen grapes while I prepared dinner:

Kale and strawberry salad with homemade poppyseed dressing (those are shallots you see - they're part of the dressing) and two pieces of corn on the cob.

I hope you're having a great night (or day, if that's when you're reading)!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Farmer's Market & Workouts

A couple images from the Farmer's Market:
I can't stop looking at the dog! Ha ha!
My haul:
The leek (inspired by Shen - they must be in season?), broccoli, golden beets (I snipped the leaves already), and potatoes are from the second picture.  I picked up the tomatoes, corn, and kale from different stands.  I still have produce left from last week, but I enjoy going and at least picking up a few things directly from the families that grow it.  Remy always goes with me, and almost every booth has a water bowl and dog treats - not to mention, a million other canines to meet.

With my schedule changing this week, I've had to switch up my workout times Monday-Friday. I figure that I'll take some time to see what classes and instructors I like the best. 

Sunday: YogaCycle (completed - this instructor I've had several times is great because we work hard, but stretch deeply during yoga.  I leave sweaty but feeling like a ballerina.)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Ride - HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training on the bike. I'm scared! Ha!)
Wednesday: YogaCycle (new-to-me instructor)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Zumba (umm. . . I didn't go yesterday, so I still have one class left)
Saturday: YogaCycle (another new-to-me instructor)

I'm sticking with classes this week because my head is exploding due to 9th Grade Academy and I want to work out but not have to think.  Classes do the thinking for me, and I just have to follow along.

See you soon, friends!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Take a Bow

I can't believe it's here: my last day of summer break.  I am fully in denial; it seems unreal that I'll be setting up my room and writing lessons with coworkers tomorrow! Luckily, I'll only be working half days all next week so it won't be such a punch in the face for me (or, more importantly, for Remy!).

Yes, all of it.  A little later, I met a friend for a soy latte at Dazbog (it was in the low 70s and overcast - hot drink acceptable).

Zumba: this instructor liked a lot of hip / pelvis action, so I'll be feeling that shortly.  She also included three flamenco songs, olĂ©!

Quinoa cooked in low sodium vegetable broth, Farmer's Market collards and corn.

I'm (now) almost finished with the container:

I realize this must be a tin-foil dinner! Ha!  Farmer's Market veggies tossed in a sweet & spicy mix and baked in the oven. Broccoli, green beans, carrots, and potatoes : 1 tbsp of olive oil, couple drops of maple syrup, red pepper flakes.

Thanks, Summer, it's been lovely.  Let's do it again soon.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bites Lately

A few images of what I've eaten the last two days (obviously, these are not the only items):
Carrot Apple Ginger from Parsley.

Earl Grey Iced Tea with almond milk from Steep.

The last of the enchiladas.

Workouts: Yesterday's YogaCycle was awesome (but intense: seated sprints followed by stand up pedaling for four minutes, repeat x3), and I will definitely miss the instructor as I can't make her classes during the school year.  Today I ended up not going to Zumba as I was having too good of a time catching up with a former co-worker.  Thus, I'm going to Zumba on Saturday and took my rest day today.

See you Thursday!