Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Progress in Neutral

I feel about the same as I did yesterday, a little nausea after each meal and general feelings of "not quite right".  I'm not certain what it was I contracted, but I did find out that two co-workers had similar symptoms over the weekend, and were sent home today after getting ill (I obviously fared better).  Hmm. . .

My most questionable meal of the day was breakfast (most queasy):
(Wheat Squares with almond milk)
Better midday:
Plain bowtie pasta with peas, black pepper.
Dinner was the most delicious, but still a little off:
Tofurky dog and potato wedges.

It's only up from here, right?! Wishing you a lovely evening, and I'll see you soon. . .

Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Review & Summer List

Saturday, my family joined me on a trip to Cherry Creek State Park - while dogs are allowed all over, we went to the off-leash park. It has a lot of easy trials and a creek where the dogs can play.

I let Remy get all sorts of dirty, and promptly put him into the tub upon return to the house.
I didn't get a good picture of my parents' dog, Terra, but here's one that my brother sent me last week: she has taken to digging a hole in the front yard and hiding her treats (this one is a milk bone). Ha ha!
No food to show you, as I must have contracted food poisoning (my best guess, although I don't know what - I'm not eating anything I ate on Saturday for a long time!) and I spent all day yesterday unable to keep anything down.  Good times. After about 14 hours, it was suggested to take a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water to help calm the nausea and stomach cramps. It helped some.
I am about 85% better today, and currently holding down breakfast. Hooray! 

Moving on to a happier topic: the summer list!
Destinations: Austin & San Antonio, Texas (in two weeks - I've never been!), Kansas (harvest), as many Colorado destinations as I can fit in!  
Activities: hiking, increase jogging distance, a new fitness class
Projects: yard work, closet cleaning, new recipes, crafts
Work Related: Four days of AP (Advanced Placement) training, curriculum and lesson planning

I'll be back soon with meals, once they start to look interesting again. :) I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'll Be Brief

I know we're all waiting for the long weekend, so I'll keep this post short!

(Not pictured: carrots, walnuts, kombucha)

This weekend, I'm going to make my "summer list", and start the count down to June 5th (the last day)!  What are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Colorful Eats

My breakfast was reminiscent of a winter breakfast by Shen.  Grapefruit Sage Kombucha and an energy bite from Whole Foods.  I actually purchased a couple of the bites a month ago and forgot about them! Whoops!
Lunch included a quinoa dish and another juice I intended to drink on Sunday, but did not.
Broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes (all three leftover from the party tray a week ago), pine nuts, garlic, and quinoa that I cooked in veggie broth.  
Lots more veggies:
An intense desire for peanut sauce came over me, so even though I'm trying not to eat meals out of house I picked up the cleanest dinner I could think of:
Veggie Salad Rolls (and peanut sauce!!).

See you Thursday! Have a great night!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lighten Up

I've been eating out far too often these last few days, and so I wanted to take today to re-set my system (portion wise).  I started with a desire to pump my body full of this:
A liter of freshly pressed juice - it took me all day to get through it, but I feel good as a result.  The Kombucha was enjoyed before breakfast.  Here's a close up:
Not as many "floaties" as other brands, and it tasted pretty good.  I have another flavor that I'll try tomorrow.   My late breakfast: toasted everything bagel, Tofutti, and cucumber.

The liter of juice kept me pretty full throughout the afternoon, but when hunger did strike - here's how I handled it (about two hours apart):

(my kale chips are still better)
When dinner-time rolled around, I was ready to eat.  I cooked a red potato, topped with green chile, broccoli and nooch.
My dogsitting duties ended yesterday, and I've had the chance to get myself ready for the week! I hope your weekend has been wonderful!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nourishment Update

The dogsitting and week goes well, just a little tired and behind on my workouts. Nonetheless, here are a few things I've eaten over the last few days.
Onion bagel toasted with Tofutti and cucumber.
Asparagus and farfalle in avocado sauce
Tofu Scramble with nooch, Daiya, and salsa - served with a tortilla.
I picked up the leftover veggie tray (and HUGE bag of romaine) from my brother's party on Saturday.  I've put a few dents in it, mostly snacking but also:
There will be more salads in my future, although I want to mix up the ingredients.  

Two more days till the weekend! Woo hoo!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Graduation, Eats & More

As mentioned in my last post, a lot of family came into town to celebrate my brother's graduation:

A few of my eats over the weekend:  toasted everything bagel with Tofutti, Grilled Tofu & Veggie Bowl from Tokyo Joe's, and tofu spring rolls with peanut sauce.  Apparently, my meals involved all things tofu.

There was also a lot of hummus, crackers, and veggie tray consumption at the open house / graduation gathering at my parents' house.  Remy did a lot of begging and hanging out near the grill.  Occasionally he took time to relax (facing the snack table).

We had really beautiful weather, a little rain here and there - but mostly picturesque.  This is from Friday evening:

I spent today (all morning and into the afternoon) with the whole group - this time celebrating all of the mothers.
The craziness will continue as I am house and dog sitting this week (back and forth between both places most likely), but I will definitely be reading and commenting - my posts might be a little erratic, however.  

I hope your weekend has treated you well! See you soon!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Theater & Thursday

Last night, a colleague friend invited me to use her extra ticket to Sense & Sensibility: The Musical.
(Denver Center for the Performing Arts)
(A peek at the set in the upper left)

It was witty, well performed - but the costumes, holy moly! Absolutely divine.  Previously unknown to you, dear reader, is that I am a lover of all things Jane Austen.  If I could time travel, Austen's 19th century England would be one of my destinations.  

Nonetheless, I was late to bed - late to rise, and didn't get a picture of breakfast.  Same cereal as Tuesday.  I did snap my prep of lunch:
Happy Herbivore Eggless Salad with spinach on spelt bread, and:
Pre-dinner snack:
For dinner:  Whole Foods Hot Bar.  It was apparently Vegan Mexican Night.
Red Chile, Cilantro and Lime Rice, Green Chile, Black Beans, Tortilla.
They also had Beyond Meat products, grilled vegetables, and vegan tamales.
Way to go Whole Foods.

No work for me tomorrow - my younger brother is finished educating himself, and we must celebrate with  Pomp & Circumstance and out of town relatives.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Finally Spring

It's over 60 degrees, rain showers (as opposed to snow, like last week), green grass, and spring produce.  I'm so happy it's finally here!

The last of Happy Herbivore's Mock Tuna and spinach on spelt bread. . .
and luscious strawberries for lunch.
Afternoon snack: garlic hummus and pita chips.
A dinner of halves:
Half bunch of asparagus (snapped into halves), half cup of farfalle pasta, half recipe of Angela's avocado sauce.

Considering making this for my mother this Sunday.  Or maybe this.