Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Sunday Grind

Lesson plans, cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Yes, it's back to the usual "get ready for the week" type of weekend day.

Breakfast: Black Tea and toast with PB & Strawberry Jam
 Close to lunch time:
 Some of the prep included oven roasting vegetables (inside the tin foil - you'll have to wait till my next post to see what!), and making a curry sauce.
 For lunch, I ladled above curry onto broccoli and served my boiled potato with Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream.
 The kitchen cookery continued with Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffins:
I ate three throughout the afternoon, and decided to go light on dinner:
Tomato Coconut Curry Soup - but I made a half recipe (half of the coconut milk was in the curry) and didn't add any other vegetables.  Also, after three sloppy slurps, this went into a mug for better consumption. ;)

Workouts: Last week, I ended up skipping one workout, so it was five days not six. With that, I added a fifth day to this week.

Sunday: YogaCycle (completed)
Monday: Align & Flow
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: RideTRX
Thursday: Gentle Vinyasa
Friday: Rest
Saturday: YogaCycle

See you on Tuesday! 


  1. The soup sounds delicious. Tomato and coconut are really surprisingly delicious together. It's kinda nice to slurp soup out of a mug, too. I like holding it.
    The muffins sound great. I can rarely hold myself back from eating a bunch of a baked good right out of the oven!
    Also, toast with nut butter and jam is one of life's most perfect meals. Have a good week, Ingrid.

    1. Your toast from today's post definitely takes top prize. My toast is inferior! :)

      There really isn't anything much better than freshly baked, warm treats! I'll have to be careful when making holiday cookies. . .

  2. You prepared a lot of great looking stuff! The roasted veggies in the tinfoil makes me want a tinfoil dinner over the grill. :)

    Those grapes look so good. We seem to be stuck with apples, oranges and bananas here lately. The other fruit isn't looking so great.

    1. It's the best steaming / roasting method I know! I love cooking with it.

      I'm still working through some apples, but both oranges and bananas are on my list for the coming weeks!

  3. You were a busy bee!! Looks like you got a lot of great prep done for the week. The soup looks gorgeous and sounds delicious and OMG those muffins! They look like perfection. I haven't eaten too much pumpkin stuff this year so I'm definitely still interested in eating pumpkiny treats :) The potato and broccoli lunch looks really delicious too.

    The grapes look really delicious. I've switched from apples to oranges and I'm now cramming those in my face like it's my job. I may have to add some grapes in the mix now :)

    Hope your Monday is going well!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thankfully Monday went quickly, taking us one day closer to the end goal! Ha! ;) I hope work is going well for you! I went light on pumpkin, too, so I'm enjoying these muffins. Too much probably!

      Oooh, I am looking forward to citrus season. I haven't picked up any as of yet, but definitely intend to soon. These grapes are pretty spectacular, and large to boot!

  4. Excellent food day. The Grapes look crunchy. Three weeks till Xmas break!

    1. The grapes are huge! And crunchy - because the only way I like squishy grapes is if they've been fermented into wine. ;)