Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Final Sprint

One more day until Winter Break! I haven't done any holiday shopping, as all my attention has been focused on grading and finals.  Our sophomores finished up today, and tomorrow is simply ticking off the "End of Semester To-Do List".  Equally satisfying, it was a half day and I was able to leave early and work from home.

Toasted Everything Bagel with Tofutti

Whole Foods Lunch:
Cranberry Quinoa, Broccoli Slaw, Asian Cabbage Salad

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga - awesome class this afternoon / evening! I can't wait to improve my practice, and achieve the full expression of each pose.

A shot of diluted ACV, and snacked on some pepitas as I prepped dinner.

Not fully in love with the orange sauce it came with, but it was a great experiment otherwise.  If I were to pick it up again, I'd make a homemade peanut sauce and sub it in place for the orange! 

Sugar Cookie Tea on the horizon before calling it a night. . .


  1. Hooray for a half day! I won't get into it but the holidays have brought up a lot of anxiety and guilt for me this year so I'm feeling a bit Scroogey and kind of can't wait for it to be over. I hope that your shopping is stress free!!

    Your meals looks really great!! You know I'm a bagel monster so I can always get behind that breakfast. Lunch looks really gorgeous and the apple looks nice and crisp and yummy. I've been eating so much fruit lately... my body has been craving it so much! Bummer about the orange sauce but I bet the noodle dish would be amazing with peanut sauce!

    I know what you mean about yoga. When I was doing it regularly it felt so good every time I was able to go deeper into each pose. So glad you are enjoying it and that it has been a beneficial experience for you!

    Oooh sugar cookie tea, yum! I've been drinking my favorite spearmint tea lately and it is SO GOOD. Love tea :)

    1. It is my goal to enjoy some fresh spearmint tea - I feel like I've had a lot of stale mint teas in my life, and a crisp, fresh spearmint sounds really inviting! Do you have a brand recommendation?

      It's all about testing my patience - I want to be better at yoga. . .NOW. Ha ha!

      These are definitely late season apples, and I'll be moving onto citrus this weekend! Woo hoo!

      I'm not looking forward to the actual Christmas day, and all the anxiety of family - and now we'll all be piled into my aunt and uncle's apartment. . . But everything else leading up is great for now! I'm thinking of you and hoping that these thoughts and feelings are soon healed! It will be over so quickly!

  2. I love Orange Sauce when it's good. So depressing when it's not. Awesome Bagel overflowing the plate.

    1. Small plates make food look bigger, thus satisfying our eyes. ;)