Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Operation Wellness

It appears that most of our high school students spent the entire Thanksgiving break spreading germs to each other, as many of them returned to school hacking up lungs and blowing copious amounts of snot. Similarly, co-workers with whom I share an office space are getting over it / starting to get sick. I will not fall to this! There will be extra vitamin C, greens, excessive hand washing, sleep, and exercise!! Must not contract illness!!
Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffins

(From Sunday's tin foil cookery) Sweet potato drizzled with maple syrup, broccoli and brussels, Miso Tahini Magic Sauce. A delicious meal I've enjoyed both yesterday and today - and it has me liking sweet potatoes, which otherwise I only eat when covered in brown sugar and nuts (i.e. Thanksgiving).

Based on my desire to stay well, I knocked back a Vitamin C Vitawater.  And an apple as well.

I was feeling adventurous, and not in the mood to go to the store (trying to be good with spending and all), so I consulted my pantry and my cookbooks. I was originally going for this, but didn't have three of the seven ingredients.  I might have also not measured everything correctly, ha! We'll call it Corn & Quinoa Chowder - not quite the consistency of soft polenta.
 A chopped kale salad with balsamic dressing (allowed to wilt), and Tamari Roasted Pepitas.
Also, it's 18 degrees outside and here's where we are going for the next week:
7-Day Planner

Expect lots of hot food. And some whining.


  1. I'm not going to lie, you bookended this post with two of the things that I hate the most... disgusting illness and obscene cold. I literally got up and washed my hands after reading your paragraph about gross students spreading germs because ew. Lol you and your immune system will be in my thoughts until this plague subsides... and while there continue to be NEGATIVE TEMPERATURES in your forecast. WTF?!

    Luckily you softened the blow with some delightful looking meals. I don't blame you for vitamin C loading... I've been sucking down oranges and orange juice like my life depends on it. THe muffins look fluffy and delicious and your tin foil deliciousness looks great! Dinner looks great too and the extra nutritional bang with the greens will certainly help solidify your immune system into a steel wall lol. Oh and PS, are they trying to be cute with the Brrr? there's nothing cute about -10... in college I'd wake up to -12 degree weather and just go back to sleep haha, there was no way in hell I was going to class in that nonsense.

    OK now that I've written a novel in solidarity, stay warm and well my friend!

    1. Ha ha! I'll try not to do that in the future! ;) Luckily I'm still feeling fine, but the "cuteness" of bitter cold is definitely lacking. It's pretty miserable! I've cranked up the heat and am wearing multiple layers - I might even put on gloves after I finish typing. Ha!

      I'm definitely pumping in the greens right now, I added a little hot sauce to my steamed kale tonight to also clear out the sinuses! I would recommend the miso tahini sauce over veggies, it's really good. I used less than the two spoonfuls you see in the picture, because it is pretty flavorful.

      I loved the novel! :) I hope your week is going well!

  2. Holy crap, stay warm and eat all that....chowder. Getting sick is so annoying; I hope yr able to combat the germs.
    The roasted broccoli and sweet potato dish looks fantastic. I guess I've gotta make that dressing soon. Also those muffins look so so so great. What recipe were they from again? Could probably scroll back a few posts and find out, ha!

    1. So far, so good on the wellness front - not so good on the chill. It's freaking freezing.

      The miso tahini sauce is a great addition to the veggies! I've definitely been in a "saucy" mood, ladling it over everything! Here's the sauce:

      And the muffins:

  3. A lot of my co-workers are sick, too, so I've been doing my best to stay well. At least we have good nutrition on our side! Sleep always helps me, too.

    We're near 40 today with a lot of rain and then are supposed to get similar weather to yours. Ugh. With the sun setting a little after 4:00 it just gets depressing!

    The muffins sound so great. I've got to check that recipe out.

    Stay warm & well! :)

    1. Sleep definitely helps me, too! I think rest is super important for my system to stay strong. With the snow and frigidity of today, we were missing 40% of our students - which also helps with germ spreading!

      I love how every year the weathermen think they can really predict our entire winter season, "drier" or "colder" than normal. We no longer have a "normal", in my opinion. ;) I hope you all stay warm over the next few days!!

  4. It also helps not to get stressed out, cuz that can weaken your immune system. So if you are gonna get it, it's probably already incubating in your system, so don't worry about it.

    1. Oooh, good point. No stress about it yet, but now I'll try to get a lot of rest and enjoy yoga tomorrow as much as possible!

  5. Have you ever heard of "wellness formula"? I call them the stinky hippie pills but if i start taking them the nanosecond i can tell something is wrong i either avoid sickness or my cold is just a day or so. I have gotgen everyone i know hooked on them........

    Holy not funny cold!!! I hope you have a good thermos and just drink buckets of hot tea-thats the best way to stay warm i think is lots of hot liquids to hold and drink.
    Take care of yourself, sleep extra, and spray your students with lysol if they get too close ;)

    1. I already checked out the link - I think I saw something like that at Whole Foods, I'm definitely going to investigate! I have been drinking hot tea like it's my job. Our office today was 59 degrees because the heat wasn't working properly! Luckily most of the classrooms had heat, so I just hung out near the radiators. Ha!

  6. Hope you didn't fall victim to the dreaded lurgy - I have great belief in the curative powers of veggies and hot tea!