Friday, December 27, 2013

Non-Edible Christmas

A quick break from the food and exercise posts, here is the holiday captured in photos:
 Christmas Dinner at my Aunt & Uncle's apartment.
(I had salad, roasted cauliflower, roasted brussel sprouts, and bread. . .And wine.)

Back at my parents' house: dominoes and Good Earth tea (so good!)
 Remy was thoroughly exhausted by it all. . .

Shen asked about my gifts:
Traditional family gifts: calendar, chocolate, socks (not shown).  Sprouts gift card, Starbucks gift card, spice organizer (from my brother - I asked for it), and new sheets (my parents gave them to everyone).  From Grandma in Virginia: 2013 White House ornament. . .
It features Woodrow Wilson, and the oak tree he planted on the grounds.

For lunch today, I'm meeting a friend for Pho (trying it again - hopefully the broth is better), and seeing The Hobbit with my brother.  Grandparents and cousins left this morning, so it's nearly back to normal around here!  See you later this weekend!


  1. Great gifts you received. Thank you for sharing.

    White sheets sound challenging. Have you a Swedish knack for maintaining linens as well?

    Haven't seen Remy in so long. I wish I could reach through the screen and scratch his little dreamy head.

    Hope you didn't have to sit in the crappy folding card chair at Xmas dinner.

    1. I knew inquiring minds wanted to see! ;)

      Ha ha! No knack that I'm aware of, I don't know why they chose white - apparently this thread count will "change the way I sleep".

      Remy is a great model when completely wiped out.

      Actually, I did. Ha!

  2. Yay, I love this post! I'm always curious about this side of the Christmas celebration too. The tree is so pretty and the table was lovely too... although I, like Shen, wondered if you got stuck with the folding chair too ;)

    Looks like you received some really great gifts too! I love that you asked for and received a spice organizer ;) I love gift cards too, I got one to Trader Joe's and I'm so excited haha!

    Awww yay for Remy's sweet face!! Love that guy! I have Tyler curled up at my legs right now and I'm loving every minute of it :)

    Hope the Pho was better this time around and that you and your bro enjoy The Hobbit! Any plans for New Years Eve?

    1. Yes to the folding chair, but I wasn't the only one! Gift cards to places you know you'll go are so helpful! Remy has had a lot of extra attention and treats from the family, so he is definitely spoiled - more than normal. :) Oh sweet Tyler! What a great snuggling partner!

      The pho was better and the movie was entertaining. I can't believe they'll make us wait yet another year to see the final installment. . .

  3. Aw Remy is such a sweetie pie!! and gorgeous xmas tree! happy new year!

  4. Wow, their apartment is huge!! Is that a piano in the background?? Games and tea sounds like a lovely evening.
    Remy is officially uh-DAR-able. Poor pooped puppy. Hax is currently napping with her paw on her face so at least I can get the hug urge out on her.
    my folks got me sheets last year! It's a luxury. (Tho mine were white too and I DON'T have the knack for linens....)

    1. Yes, their place nearly three times the size of my house (which is 700sf) - and that was their "downsizing". Ha!

      Aw, thanks Maud! Whenever I see an animal on screen or on a walk with their owner, I immediately want to squeeze Remy! My childhood cat was not keen on loving, but it sounds like Haxan is good for that!

      When you figure out the white sheet trick, let me know! ;)