Sunday, December 22, 2013

Feeling Like the Holidays

It has been three years since my last Christmas in Colorado. In 2011 we went to Texas. 2012 in Kansas.  My body thanks me already.  I finally did all of my shopping, and it snowed yesterday - it's starting to set in that Winter Break is here, and Christmas is so soon!
 A co-worker gifted me this mug on Friday.  This morning I am enjoying it filled with coffee.

As I'm staying in town, I decorated for the holidays: here's my table top tree.  
 My grandmother in Virginia always sends the White House Christmas Ornament of the Year, and it comes with a little history and a story behind each one.  The Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite.
Roosevelt was known for his conservation efforts, and had banned cutting down a tree and decorating it in the White House (he's also responsible for officially giving the house its name).  His son Archie defied his father's ban by bringing in a tree, and hiding it in a maid's closet.

 Speaking of gifts, I've already received one from a friend:
A group of ladies wanted to go see this show, and I wasn't able to get a ticket before that specific date sold out.  She kindly bought two extra tickets, one for me and one for another colleague - so now we're all going! I've heard it's funny, I'll let you know my review next month when we attend!  Also, I keep finding a bazillion candy canes in my work bag...

A little more attention to food, and a little bahumbug: I picked up the Indo Noodle Salad from Native Foods yesterday, and the manager who helped me said: "enjoy it while you can, it's going away on the 31st."
Apparently they are having trouble getting the rice noodles nationwide. I said I'd be happy if they replaced it with something else, as long as it involves peanut sauce.

After YogaCycle today, I am going to make some chili:
I have soy crumbles in the freezer I'll most likely add, as well as a splash of hot sauce.  Final result coming in the next update!  

I hope your Sunday is going well, and I'll see you soon! 


  1. I love this post Ingrid! I'm glad that you will be able to relax in Colorado for the holidays and that you shared your cute decor with us! I love that you have a tradition with your grandmother and the White House ornament of the year. Seems right up your alley and the stories are so cool! It was also very sweet of your co-worker to get the ticket, I bet you'll all have a blast going together. Looking forward to hearing about it!

    What a bummer about the salad! I'm a little surprised about the rice noodle availability but maybe that's because I live in a NY bubble? I figured rice products wouldn't be too difficult to get (especially bc Native Foods appears to be found in large enough cities) but I guess I'm wrong? At least you enjoyed it and hopefully you can enjoy it a few more times before they take it off the menu. You should just buy a gallon of peanut sauce ;) Have fun with your chili making venture!

    Have a great Sunday!!

    1. Jeez, I feel like all of my comments have been novels lately ;)

    2. I just got home from class, and was about to write you an email! Our usual YogaCycle instructor was out, and the sub started our yoga portion of the class with one of Metallica's slower songs! I immediately thought: I have to tell Sarah (after recalling your appreciation of James Hetfield!), and also - I've never heard metal in a yoga class. Ha ha! The rest of her songs were similar, and she's pretty awesome too. I'm going to attend one of her Flow & Restore classes soon.

      Okay, on to the noodles - yeah, totally weird they can't get them! He said that it was a special order, with a six week turnaround. The company is apparently wanting more convenience. Ha! I need to learn how to make my own peanut sauce immediately!

      Speaking of tickets - didn't you have a show you were attending this month? Has it already happened? This comment of mine is getting long, too!

      I'm going to put in some pictures of lights from neighborhoods I've seen, and I'm going to take a picture of my parents' tree - seeing as my brother and I decorated it, you could call it "mine" too. ;) Holiday overload - get ready!

    3. OMG that's amazing about the yogacycle class!! I'm dying to know what the playlist was lol! I've been very much getting back into my metal roots lately and I can't imagine practicing yoga to it (probably because I'd be so excited that it was on, ha!). I was actually going to send you an email tonight too, I wanted to pick your brain about something while you had some time off, no rush to respond though :)

    4. What? Nobody wants to pick my brain?

  2. Hi Ingrid! It must be nice to be able to stay around yr parts for Christmas, traveling always seems so hectic. Will it just be you, yr brother, and yr folks, then? Or are other family coming into town?
    I feel like this month went by soooooo quickly, I really am not ready for Christmas and it doesn't help that it's 60 degrees so it barely makes me want to get in the mood but oh well.
    Bummer about the Indo noodle salad - it looks like all the meals you enjoy are being taken off the menu. And I guess stuff like that isn't really something you can stock up on...
    I've visited Teddy Roosevelt's Sagamore Hill out on Long Island before; he was definitely an interesting guy, though I can do without all the hunting stories. Love the tradition with yr grandmother though, I had no idea the White House issued official ornaments.
    merry Christmas to you and your family too, Ingrid.

    1. I agree, traveling can be exhausting - not to mention how out of whack our bodies become when we can't eat our usual diet (read: no kale, more bread), sleep in uncomfortable beds, and exercise at the convenience of our hosts. I'm so happy to be here! Ha ha!

      It was that warm here last week, now it has returned to seasonal temps - helping to get in the spirit.

      I think I knew that about him - his hunting - which is ironic since he was a conservationist. . .how can you have one toe in the door with having the whole foot? I'm curious to see what ornament it is this year.

      Merry Christmas to you, too!!

  3. Nice holiday themed post. I need to try to emulate that. Maybe Native Foods can sell you a quart or two of the Chili Peanut Sauce?

    1. Ha! I will learn to make my own sauce eventually. ;) Yes, please show us a Shen holiday!

    2. I wanted to. Getting the spirit of the holiday across in a few photos is more difficult than I imagined. Gives me a greater appreciation for your posts.

    3. Such a compliment! Thank you, Shen!