Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bring in the New (Food & Year)

I've been busier than expected, and that will actually continue until the weekend (when I have blocked out a lot of time to be home, and actually get some lessons structured for the next week!).  Thus, I have less from own kitchen but definitely different meals than recently!  First, I picked up one of these and had half for lunch Monday and the other half today:

 I don't recall them being $4, the rest are always $6. . . I might have to pick up another one!

I was also in the mood for Tomato Coconut Curry Soup 

And a Daiya Grilled Cheese to accompany it.

I've had serious popcorn craving. . .it was remedied.

This evening, I headed over to hang out with my brother, he had his pizza and I had mine:

It doesn't look great, but the taste was delicious.  I still want to make my own, but this is a worthy back up.

I plan to continue my quest for "new and tasty" meals this week, so you can expect to see the highlights! I don't know about you, but realizing 2014 is here strikes me as a little overwhelming - more so with the passage of time than anything else.  2013 was a decent year, and I plan to continue the momentum into the coming months! Happy New Year, friends!  


  1. Happy New Year Ingrid :) I can't believe it's already 2014 too. The last year flew by so quickly, it's kind of crazy. Seems like you had some great meals to bring in the New Year though. That is definitely a great price for the wrap! I also love the combination of the soup and grilled cheese. It's so classic and so comforting and warming. That flavor of pizza sounds great! I LOVE roasted garlic, it's so good and mushrooms are always great. How nice that you and your bro could have pizza together :)

    I hope that the busy week goes quickly and that you have a productive but also relaxing weekend this weekend :)

    1. The mushrooms were almost non-existent, but otherwise the toppings on the pizza were great! I bookmarked Miss Rachel's pizza dough recipe - hopefully it's still there - and I will make my own sometime soon! This soup is so good, and grilled Daiya always sounds good. ;)

      The business continues today, in mostly a good way! I'm so glad you had a mini break from work - well deserved!!

  2. What?! What?! What?! Daiya is making Pizza now?! I had no idea. Can't wait to try it!

    Happy New Year (although, I agree, it's just a date).

    1. That answers my question: "has Shen tried this pizza?". They list four varieties on the back of the box, but there were only two options at this Whole Foods location - both $9.99. I didn't realize when I bought it, but they are also gluten free. Thus the crust is relatively boring, but it's all about the Daiya cheese... Yum.

      Thanks, Shen! :)

  3. Are those wraps really enough for two meals? I'm not sure I've seen them at my local WF but I might take a look, especially if they really are only 4 bux.
    Tomato + grilled cheese 2gether 4ever!
    G and I made popcorn on NYE; it's not really a tradition - we might have done it once before, but it was pretty satisfying. How do you make yrs?
    The Daiya pizza looks serious! How many slices are in there? Did yr brother try any?

    1. I cut six slices in the pizza, it's probably the size of restaurant's "personal pizza"; if it was on a regular dinner plate, it would take up the entire space. This is store bought "lightly salted" popcorn. I'd love to learn how to make it on the stove!

      I had popcorn no long after each half of the wrap. I think the price is in error, but I'll take it! Ha ha!