Sunday, November 17, 2013

Current Events

Friday evening, champagne in celebration of a friend's engagement (that's not the real ring, it's being re-sized)
 Also Saturday: A rough, but necessary deep tissue massage on my right shoulder and arm.  I've been having "growing pains" from increased yoga and my muscles were pretty upset with me. I have light bruising on my upper arm but the pain is gone. (Similarly, over the summer I had to have my calves worked on due to increased cycling.)
Sunday morning pancakes:
 New find and purchase:
Grilled Cheez and Salad with homemade dressing is on the menu this week.

Coming up:
Monday - Cardio at the gym (Not my usual tough yoga class this week!)
Tuesday - Yin Yoga
Wednesday - RideTRX
Thursday - Gentle Vinyasa
Friday - Rest
Saturday - YogaCycle


  1. You're making me crave that salad big time! I miss it!

    I would love to get a deep tissue massage for my shoulders. I carry all my tension in them and know how much one can help. Good for you for getting yourself one!

    1. I want that salad, just looking at the picture! Ha! I hope you're able to stop by one as soon as Mike is fit to travel!

      I carry the tension there, too. I had been working my arms for months and not getting enough real stretches in. It's all about Groupon! I'm too cheap to spring for another full price! Ha!

  2. Oooooh I likey everything about this post! Well minus the bruising from a massage but I digress. Cute shot of the champagne toast. What a fun evening you must have had :) The salad looks so incredible, I'm so jealous! The East Coast really needs to get on the Native Foods train. Great find with the Daiya slices! Can't wait to see your Grilled Cheez and what kind of dressing you make. Do you like anything on your grilled cheez or just straight up? I'm a straight up kinda gal. Great workout schedule as always! :)

    1. Yes, the bruising isn't ideal and when she was applying the pressure - it wasn't ideal either, but the pinching in my shoulder and behind my shoulder blade is gone, so I guess it was worth it.

      The champagne toast was quite choreographed! Ha ha! But it was fun to catch up with everyone.

      I'm guessing the Daiya slice will taste like the wedge, but I'll find out soon enough! I'm always about keeping it traditional, nothing fancy - just bread and Daiya in a skillet and it's a sandwich! :)

  3. Love how you're eating your way through the Native Foods menu. A food lover after my own heart.

    Also love how you have that Swedish gift for making Pancakes.

    1. Ha ha! It's not too hard of job. I wonder if Yelp would hire me to review all the vegan menus in town as a full time job. Then again, I'd need to run marathons every weekend to deal with the calorie intake!

      It is in genetics, after all. ;)

  4. I don't think I've ever had a proper massage but it sounds nice. G has been having problems with his back lately and has been seeing a chiropractor... apparently it really helps when people have the magic touch.
    We made pancakes this morning too. G is much better at it than I am, and you look to be as well - I burned them every time. Do you use a mix? Or a specific recipe?

    1. It's all about the Groupon. I feel like regularly priced massages are ridiculous here, so they are probably outrageous in your area. Does NYC do Groupons for massage? You should check it out!

      I use the Log Cabin All Natural or Bob's Red Mill - but when I have whole wheat pastry flour I try to make it from scratch!

  5. Bubbly with the girls is always fun- who needs a reason?! That noddle salad looks so amazing, and a thousand times better than any takeout salads i've had lately... For a while i had some serious back pain and went to acupuncture in chinatown- so funny because his english was sparse but as poking my back he told me i needed more fat (??!) and should eat more duck! Hahaha! I just thought to myself he shouldn't hold his breath on that ever happening....
    Anyways. The acupuncture cured me! Glad you took a rest day, your body thanks you i'm sure.

    1. Ha ha! I've considered acupuncture, but it sounds like they might have some unconventional advice! I've been sore all week, but it's almost resolved. :)