Saturday, November 30, 2013

Break Update #3

This last Break Update has a few odds and ends in it. I can't believe the week is nearly over! I've been avoiding my work to-do list, and have instead decorated my house and my parents' house for Christmas. I'll face reality tomorrow (notice the continued procrastination).

The Tofutti Herbs and Chives flavor verdict:
 Subtle. I also used it in my tofu scrambles twice this week. I won't go out of my way to buy, but it was okay for a change. Also, the Sugar Cookie tea from Celestial Seasonings is delicious - I'd buy it year round.

I've been thinking about Nikki's Miso Tahini Magic Sauce for a long time. I finally got around to making it. I haven't had it on a meal - was thinking it would be good on greens and potatoes for work lunches.  I did sample it by itself and was pleased.
 On Wednesday, I forked over $6 for a green juice - a preemptive strike against the gluttony that was Thursday.
I'm on a budget (I want to bake for friends and buy thoughtful gifts for family members)  in December, so one last trip to Native Foods for a while: the current favorite Indo Noodle Salad.

I'll see you tomorrow with a full day of eats and my workout schedule for the week. Happy Saturday!

P.S. Book update - I finished the second in the series on Wednesday, and am trying to take my time with this final book. I'm about a third of the way through. I cheated, and went on YouTube to see the movie trailer for the first book. If you're curious, click here


  1. I can't believe how quickly the week went either and I didn't even have off, ha! I hope you enjoyed your break, you definitely deserved it! Decorating for Christmas is way more fun than a work to do list so I'm in favor of that ;)

    Great looking meals as always. I bet the tofutti was good in the scramble. I know what you mean though, if I were to buy flavored tofutti I'd probably want it to be bold as well. Oooh I can't wait to hear how you like the sauce! That one has been on my radar too. I like the green juice preemptive strike and that salad looks gorgeous! I know what you mean about being on a budget. I'm definitely putting myself on a spending strike until after the holidays, it's so stressful this time of the year. I like baking for people anyway... it's more fun than stressing out in stores and wasting money on things they won't like.

    1. I'm totally grumpy today! Ha! I already miss the freedom of no alarm clock and no "thinking ahead".. At least festive lighting and decorations remind me that it's only three (long) weeks until Winter Break.

      Definitely prefer a bolder flavor! It's probably just as well that it's not amazing, as then I'd be buying it frequently. I plan on trying the sauce in tomorrow's lunch, (and Tuesday's too!), so you'll definitely be hearing about it!

      I hate being on a budget, but I've been too indulgent lately and with the holidays and my desires to travel next year - it's time to get real! I was thinking gingerbread men and sugar cookies - very traditional, not nearly the caliber of Sarah's Treats! :)

  2. You know how to schmear a toasted bagel. The Noodle Salad looks great for shoveling in.

    1. The Indo Noodle Salad is by far the least elegant salad to shovel in - lots of awkward bites. Ha ha!

  3. How far from you do yr parents live? I know they're nearby.... Considering Christmas decorations for my own apartment now. A friend is having a decorate yr ornament party, which sounds kinda nice.
    Too bad about the Tofutti, maybe you can mix yr own additions into it. Eileen had a great post on it here:
    I successfully kept track of all the money I spent this month; my goal is to take it back by about 80 dollars this month, which will be a challenge.... I sense a lot of homemade gifts here too, haha. Good luck!

    1. Yes, I am in the city and they are in the 'burbs - about 25-30 minute drive. My mother's decoration hoarding could easily decorate three houses. It's a problem, but at least they are organized into Rubbermaid tubs in the basement. Ha!

      Thanks for the link, I will definitely check out how to make my own flavored Tofutti!

  4. I'm glad to hear you loved the tea. I have a coupon that I'll be using to get some next time I got to the store! Have you ever visited Celestial Seasonings in Boulder? We drove past it to see the prairie dog refuge that they have but didn't tour it. It looked really busy!

    I was just talking about how much I've been wanting the Indo Noodle Salad to Mike today, so I'm glad you enjoyed it again.

    I'll resist peeking at the trailer for the movie because I really want to read the books first. I'm glad they're making it into a movie, though. It's always interesting to watch them after the books!

    1. It's not necessarily "sugar cookie" - esque, but it does taste nice. I haven't visited the building, but I've heard good things about the tours - it's on my list! I sure hope your next visit to Native Foods isn't too far off - yummy!

      Ha ha! Okay, definitely let me know once you've started reading!