Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Break Update #1

Installment 1 of 3 (subsequent updates will occur on Thursday and Saturday).

Mainly cleaning, working out, and reading have happened:
 The weekend prior to last, whilst toasting my newly engaged friend, another recommended this series pictured above. Slightly The Hunger Games and slightly The Giver, but a quick and entertaining read thus far. I finished Divergent yesterday, and am now a ways into Insurgent.

I've "seen" two friends: the first I met for lunch at Pho-natic
I ordered the Tofu Pho with Vegetable Broth, but sadly the broth had little flavor. I haven't been in for awhile, and it appears their recipe has changed. The friend I came with said her beef broth tasted the same as always, but agreed that mine was bland.

The other friend I caught up with via Skype, as she is living in France. I was drinking coffee this morning, while she was preparing dinner! It's amazing how technology has connected us! 

Prior to the Skype date, I ran out to Whole Foods for breakfast:
 Vegan Breakfast Burrito, and sipped later throughout the day:
 This afternoon I ran into Sprouts, and along with a few pieces of produce, picked up two new items:
Sugar Cookie Tea?! Herbs and Chives Tofutti?! I had to buy them. Reviews to follow!

Ride HIIT and Yin Yoga in a little bit.

I am thoroughly enjoying this break, and Remy loves it, too - even though I cut into his regularly scheduled naps. ;)


  1. Ooooh very cool about the book recommendations! I'd definitely love to hear what you think of the series once you've finished it. So nice that you've been able to catch up with your friends. Sad about the bland pho though, I know how much you've enjoyed it in the past. Very cool that you got to catch up with your friend in France too! Great looking breakfast and I'm dying to hear how you like that tea!! It sounds so yummy! And the tofutti too. Definitely looking forward to those reviews!

    Glad you are enjoying your break! Big hugs and snuggles to Remy for me :)

    1. I took her recommendation seriously, I went by her house that very night and borrowed them! Ha ha! I suppose it's just as well that I don't fall into the pho trap again, just more money when I should be eating at home. I've been eating out far too often lately!

      The tea is actually really, really good. I was surprised at how much I liked it! The Tofutti was decent, but I'll probably stick with plain in the long run. ;)

      He has been glued to my lap for the most part - right now, too!

  2. I'm glad you're liking that series. I'm currently waiting for it to become available through our online library. It sounds really good!

    Pho-natic is such a cute name for a restaurant. Too bad the Pho was so bland. :(

    I'm looking forward to reading what you think of the tea. I've looked at it several times over the last two years and have yet to get it… It sounds so good that I should just break down and purchase it.

    Keep enjoying your break! I can just imagine how much Remy loves it! :)

    1. I have yet to join the e-reader community, but it's ideas like that - borrowing online - that sounds so appealing! My friend had the series, and lent them to me the very night we spoke. Once you read it, I'll have some questions for you!!

      I suppose recipes change, and it's just as well - I don't need another restaurant craving to take on! (I'm finally over Bombay Bowl, but that Indo Noodle Salad from Native Foods. . .I crave it daily! Aaaah!)

      I probably love it more than Remy does, but it sure makes me happy to spend more time with him. :)

  3. I liked Hunger Games, though I only read the first one. Glad yr enjoying this series.
    I bought a really good tea recently, and I think I have heard good things about the sugar cookie one. The Tofutti with herbs & chives has been around for a while, I think, but I've never tried it. Hope you enjoy that too.
    What was yr friend making for dinner??

    1. I only read the first one, too! I didn't go see the movie, as I'm usually let down by movies that are based on books. This series will also be turned into a movie, we'll see who they cast as the main characters - I have distinct images in my head!

      The tea was the best impulse buy I've had in a while. It's light, and while not exactly reminiscent of sugar cookies - it's really good. I'd drink it year round.

      Right?! I totally had to ask what she was making after I watched her chop broccoli and peel potatoes - she was making soup. We then had an at length discussion about the difference between produce (all local - she lives in a medieval town!!!!), and how everyone eats a lot of baguettes. Ha!

  4. Do you check books out of your public library or the school library? I've been catching up on classic literature. Just finished Drieser's 'Jenny Gerhardt' and loved it.

    No Salsa or Sour Supreme on your Breakfast Burrito?

    1. I have done both, but these are borrowed from the very friend who made the recommendation. I tend to read less classics, just because I have to teach some of them. Ha!

      I picked up Sour Supreme today, specifically because the sale was about to be over! Next time for sure!

    2. Since I don't have anyone teaching me, I like to check out the SparkNotes online when I'm reading the Jane Austen type stuff.

  5. I long for the ability to buy a readymade breakfast burrito - I'm determined to launch a one woman campaign to get them in the UK Whole Foods!

    1. I'll do it! I'll move to the UK and spearhead the production. ;)

  6. I love that tea!!! Couldn't find it the other day so i got my other favorite- their gingerbread holiday flavor, which i am loving. Not too gingery, and nice aroma- for me half of drinking tea is sticking my face in it to smell :)