Sunday, October 6, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

It has been a busy weekend, and it's still not over - lesson plans and meeting with a friend to celebrate her birthday is also on the schedule.  Here's a few highlights from yesterday and today:
 Waffle with pb and maple syrup, coffee
 Pears are so good right now! Yum!
 Green tea with steamed Soy.
Remy the Great.

Today was the last day of street service until Spring for the Vegan Van:
For brunch: the Croissanwich
Tofu Scramble, Vegan Ham, Chia Cheez on a Beet Box Croissant.

Purchased to be enjoyed tomorrow: the Rock Steady (vegan caesar salad with almond parm and coconut bacon) with buffalo tofu.

Due to the busy nature of today, YogaCycle didn't happen, thus I will do four days in a row this week, plus Saturday.

Sunday: rest
Monday: Align & Flow Yoga
Tuesday: Ride HIIT
Wednesday: RideTRX
Thursday: Gentle Vinyasa
Friday: rest
Saturday: YogaCycle

See you on Tuesday!


  1. Remy is a little doll baby! Those eyes just say, "Am I pure love? I think so"

    I've been searching for that Croissanwich for years. Was it as incredible as it looks?

    1. He is super cute! Dogs truly are man's best friend, so sweet and so loyal - such a mood lifter when you walk in the door from work.

      The croissanwich was good, a little heavy on the scramble - but the croissant from Beet Box was perfection.

  2. Holy crap the Croissanwich sounds amazing!! I have never seen let alone had a decent vegan croissant. And then to stuff it with scramble, omg. Nice choice. I look forward to hearing about the salad too, though.
    Pears ARE awesome now though. I'll settle for that.
    Interesting you add milk to green tea. Guess I've thought of it a couple times but it always sounded wrong. Perhaps it's best steamed though.

    1. The Beet Box croissants are so good! The salad tonight was even better - and all the greens make you feel less guilty, too! Ha ha! I should have picked up more pears...

      It's really a tea latte, and yes - it's all about the froth from being steamed!

  3. I just adore Remy so much! <3 Such a sweetie!

    Sad that the Vegan Van is done until spring, but you sure got some deliciousness from there! That croissanwich sounds so good as does the salad.

    I love pb & maple syrup on waffles. :)

    btw- I haven't heard much on the news lately and am wondering how the rebuilding is going from the flood. Have you heard anything? It sounds like there was a lot to do. :(

    1. Me, too! I love him so much! We went to the dog park this evening, and he was getting a lot of cuddles from the people (and a pair of Yorkies who demanded they play!).

      She said she might try to have ready-made food for pick up at a local market, so I'll have to pay attention and see what I hear.

      It is really slow going. The current goal is all major roads restored by December 1st, thus getting along any further depends on the roads being stable. ;(

  4. Awwww that face!!! He is so freaking cute I can't even deal. I know I say that every time but he just melts my heart :)

    So sad that the Vegan Van is going to be dunzo until spring but it looks like you ended out the season with some pretty great meals from them! The Croissanwich looks incredible!! Such a great choice and the salad looks delicious too! And you definitely can't go wrong with waffles and pb/syrup. :)

    1. Oh and ps, awesome mug! ;)

    2. He melts my heart, too! I love him! He likes to hear it, too. ;)

      While the croissanwich was great, the salad really took top prize! So good! I agree, the waffle combo needs to happen again soon. I use the mug regularly, and when I pulled it out on Saturday - it was perfect to add to the picture! :)

  5. Ah, your exercise plan keeps me inspired. My fave shot is of Remy, of course!

  6. Tofu scramble croissant? What the? How have I never made one of these?!