Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Short Weekend

How is it already over?! I want one more weekend day, please.  It's amazing how my days fill up, and it's already time to do "homework" (write lessons).  Before that happens, here's a few things from my weekend: I had a long, leisurely lunch this afternoon with a friend at WaterCourse Foods.  In case you didn't know you were there, even the graffiti in the bathroom says "let's all get along, world peace" and "go vegan".  ;)
I had the Dona Lee, with double greens as a side and their lovely balsamic dressing.  I still have one wrap left that I'll enjoy for dinner.

Yesterday, I went to the Farmer's Market but didn't have any ideas about what to make this week - so I left with a light canvas bag, only filled with organic peaches (yes, the expensive ones) and tomatoes.
Not in the canvas bag, but also purchased: iced coffee from a local vendor.

I'm cutting back a day of workouts this week, as I did six last week:
Sunday: YogaCycle (completed, and she really handed it to us - super sweaty, already sore)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Ride TRX (my beloved YogaCycle class was removed from the schedule, so I'll be workout with the owner and pushing myself in another attempt at TRX after a spin class).
Thursday: Gentle Vinyasa (my "I'm sorry, body" stretching session after Wednesday's class)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: YogaCycle

What was the best part of your weekend? See you on Tuesday!


  1. Remember the days when you were too nervous to photograph your food in restaurants;-)

    Guess the Peaches must be worth the money. Such a risky fruit to buy.

    1. Ha ha! It's still a little awkward, but I do it for the blog, as I love this hobby. :)

      It is a risky fruit, but the payoff has been good so far - however, I've decided these will be the last of the year!

  2. Watercourse Foods always sounds so terrific. Your wrap looks delicious!

    The weekend went by in a flash. Ugh. I was tempted to skip sleeping just to try to catch up to things! :)

    1. WaterCourse is delicious, and so filling! I hope you get there on a visit at some point!

      I want a three day weekend every week!

  3. I know what you mean about weekends going too quickly!! Looks like you had a good one though. That wrap looks so good. Even better to be able to enjoy it again! :)

    I have those days too where I go shopping with no clue what I want. Hopefully the peaches are just as delicious as the last batch :) Your workout schedule for the week looks great! Too bad about yoga cycle!! I haven't tried a class at the new gym yet... My schedule has been crazy with Drs. so it hasn't lined up but soon hopefully!

    1. Oh no! I hope the doctor visits haven't been stressful, and all happy check ups. Take good care of yourself!

      I need to make a fruit crumble with oats at some point, because I didn't make it through the last peach purchase before they went bad.

      I suppose it is just as well, I need to mix up my workout schedule in order to keep my muscles working to their full potential!

  4. How much were the expensive peaches? I'm seeing the last of them here and they seem pretty reasonably priced but Greg says you can tell they're on their way out. Hope they're worth the price for you.
    Beautiful looking wrap. I like when graffiti is kind :)

    1. These were just under a dollar each, but the organic ones always are pricey. I think these will be the last purchase of the season, for fear that they taste mealy! Ha ha! Kind graffiti, indeed. :)

  5. You definitely deserve that rest after all of the workouts last week! And the wrap too, for that matter - looks so tasty!
    Peaches on their way out here too, sadly.

    1. My body is definitely thanking me today; it has been a long time coming!

      You'll just have to make a peach tart with the end of the season pickings! :)