Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Work Retreat

Sunday afternoon, I carpooled up to Snow Mountain Ranch for a faculty and support staff retreat.
It was 85% meetings, and the rest involved adult beverages, and board games / cards / dominoes / fire pit.  The location is run by the YMCA, no technology (yes electricity) and eco friendly.  When we had breaks we would get outside and explore (others played soccer, threw a football around, or frisbee golf).
I didn't sleep well - no, it wasn't vodka's fault - but rather, due to my light sleeping nature and snoring roommates.  I always left my phone in my room, so I didn't snap pictures of meals.  Basically, instant oatmeal and fruit in the morning - salad, chips, sandwich or veggie burger for the other meals. A little too much snacking on popcorn and mixed nuts.
Close to forty people gathered in the "main house" (many of us were up the road in a lodge / dorm style building), and this (above) was our view in the great room during the meetings .
I enjoyed getting to know all of the new staff and catching up with everyone else.  Remy hung out with my parents and their dog, but I'm happy to have him home with me again!  After picking him up today, I stopped by Whole Foods to grab a late lunch:
Vietnamese Noodle & Tofu Salad with Peanut Sauce.

One of my colleagues made us "beverage cups" from an idea she saw on Pinterest:
Yes, the aforementioned vodka (and flavored San Pellegrino) lived here a few times.

I'd been thinking about this kale and potato salad for a while, so I made it happen tonight for dinner:
Boiled potatoes, kale, dressing: Tofutti cream cheese with garlic powder and Italian Seasoning.

I hope the week has been treating you well! I can't wait to sleep in my bed . . . goodnight! ;)


  1. What a beautiful place for the retreat! It looks like you had amazing weather too. The sky is so blue and the clouds are so fluffy and perfect. I know what you mean about the snoring. I need complete silence to fall asleep and if someone is snoring I won't be able to fall asleep.

    I'm sure Remy was so excited to see you!! Your salads look incredible and those jars have been on my Pinterest list for a very long time!! It's so cute! Welcome back!

    1. It was definitely sunny (and hot) during the day, but in the 50s at night. As long as there was a breeze, it cooled down our rooms (no fans or cooling available).

      Then on our "vegan bloggers unite" retreat, we will be roommates because we won't snore or wake up the other! Ha ha!

      Remy was almost as excited as I was to see him. ;) How is the house sitting going? I bet Tyler is being a little snuggler.

      The jars are awesome! Apparently you need a specific kind of tool and grommets to make it happen. Also, she had to find special plastic straws because the opening is too small for average straws.

  2. I totally thought of Sarah when I saw the jars. :) So cool!

    The retreat was in a gorgeous area. It's too bad it was mostly meetings for you, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy it a bit. Such views! Also too bad about the snoring keeping you up. I'd have a hard time sleeping, too.

    The Vietnamese salad sounds amazing. WANT!

    1. The jar is super cute! I can't decide if I should take it to work, or use it at home.

      I suppose work retreats have to include work! Ha ha! It was a great bonding experience, and I think our principal wants to make it an annual event. Did your father ever hold a retreat for his teachers?

      Being a light sleeper is quite frustrating!

      Such a great salad after plenty of junk the last few days.

  3. So beautiful out there. I'm assuming your roommates were females, which makes the snoring thing rather amusing. If not, then...good for you!

    Wish our WFs would carry that Peanut Sauce.

    Do you add the Tofutti Cream Cheese while the Potatoes are still hot in order to get it melty?

    1. You bet I added the Tofutti to hot potatoes! It's the only way to do it right!

      My roommates were both female, three of us total: two beds and one pullout bed from a couch. One I've known since I first started teaching (in 2005), and we're great friends and the other (a new hire) I got to know on the retreat. Both lovely, both snore.

      My principal is an old-school mother type; there will be no co-habitating on her watch! Ha ha!

  4. Ha! I've been told I snore, so I apologize on our behalf.
    Looks like a gorgeous location, as does all of Colorado... the food sounds like it left something to be desired, but you seem to have remedied that already.

    1. I won't hold it against you! ;)

      Yes, I was craving leafy greens! Both lunch and dinner made me feel better. I should have avoided the snack table altogether!

  5. Those views! So pretty! I'd forgive the snoring for those. That and the vodka!

    1. I would like to have both the views and no snoring. ;) I am just now feeling rested and back to normal! Ha!

  6. Your photos are all so beautiful. What a lovely place for a retreat :)

    I'd love to have someone (else) make me "beverage cups" but thus far I'm just drinking straight out of mason jars, without the fancy straw hole in the top :)

    1. Hi MeShell! Ha ha, yes - someone else making them is key. I do love drinking straight out of a mason jar too!

      Thank you!