Thursday, August 22, 2013


While we were in the mountains, the city decided to play within 99-100 degrees during the day.  We've stayed close to that temperature, and the 90 year old building where I work is like an oven.  Yesterday it was 93 degrees in my classroom!  Aaaah! Today it was a balmy 89.  I actually sweated more during my 8 hours at work, than my YogaCycle class yesterday afternoon.  Speaking of which, I didn't make it to my workout today and I'll tell you why: I still need to go to a class.  I'm not disciplined enough to do it otherwise.

A while ago, Maud suggested I try coconut water in my smoothies:
Two black plums, frozen banana, frozen pineapple, spinach and coconut water:
Out to lunch with co-workers: Bombay Bowl
Their menu is very vegan friendly, and quite possible the best tofu I've ever had.  This was a Sweet Korma Bowl (coconut milk based with a light spice) with tofu and chili-lime (super spicy!) drizzle over jasmine rice.  We all appreciated this place for their air conditioning.

Lunch was at noon, but it really kept me full until about 5:30pm when I snacked on some cocoa dusted almonds.
Time to be honest: I didn't go grocery shopping last weekend (nor to the Farmer's Market), and finished off everything but kale and a few potatoes.  I also finished anything that would turn those items into a salad, so it was time for dinner at Whole Foods. . .
Broccoli Slaw, Asian Sesame Cabbage Salad, rice with corn and green chilies, cauliflower (I picked it out of a mixed veggie grill - that's black pepper on top).

Other titles for today could have been: "made with coconut" or "not cooking at my house".  But really, all I do is sweat and take showers, so that made more sense.  ;)


  1. My father never did organize a retreat for the teachers, but then again he worked in a public school. You're in a private one, right? I'm sure he would have loved to do that if he could, though, knowing my dad! :)

    That's horrendous that you have to work in such heat! How on earth are you supposed to think straight? I remember my mom eventually purchasing a window air conditioner for her room because it got so bad. She couldn't tolerate it anymore when she got older.

    The smoothie & Bombay bowl are both calling to me right now. Actually, all the food is... must be time for dinner soon!

    1. I work for a public school! I believe we had a surplus in our budget at the end of the year (we ended up cutting a few programs), and so that's why we went. It's an "innovative" school, which means we have more freedom (as long as our test scores are decent) than traditional. Not a charter because we accept anyone and everyone.

      Yet another benefit of working in a public school - no cooling in buildings built before 1970. ;) I bought a few fans some years ago, and those are what we use most of the time. I just need to fast forward a month!

      I know, it does look good! I haven't eaten dinner yet tonight, and now I'm feeling the growl! Ha ha!

  2. Is this like a school where you re-live the Pioneer Days? I know you have electricity though, since you said there were vending machines. The Bombay Bowl looks fantastic. I hope there is food for Remy at home.

    1. HA HA! Sadly, no - the district has put a/c in other old buildings, but our school did not have enough support (ahem, financial backing)to get on the ballot for a mill levy. Honestly, it's only one of two (the other being behavior) reasons my job isn't fun. Otherwise, I love being a teacher. However, I will complain about the heat a lot. ;)

      Remy does have food! Ha ha! He actually gets first priority, and always has both meals as well as treats. As my co-worker says, he has me "well-trained"!

  3. That heat sounds absolutely horrendous!! WHat crappy conditions to work in. How do you function in that? I know when my boss refuses to turn on the AC i immediately get angry and tired and I can't focus so I can't imagine how teachers and students are supposed to be productive in that.

    On the plus side, your food looks delicious!! The smoothie must have been very refreshing, it sounds delicious! How did you like it with the coconut water? The bombay bowl sounds so delicious too!

    Stay cool! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I don't function well! Ha ha! Neither do the students, which is frustrating, too. Part of working in a state with no humidity - no a/c in many buildings.

      I honestly couldn't taste the coconut water, probably due to the plums being so tart. I loved the bowl! So good!

      Thank you, I am trying to recover from the week. My house is cool, so other than the Farmer's Market and yogacycle - I haven't left. Ha!

  4. Yuck, I really can't handle the heat at all so I empathize. It must be terrible. I can't imagine the kids enjoy it at all either.
    Glad you had the smoothie to cool you off; it's a beautiful color.
    I looked for those cocoa almond in my WF bulk section the other day but couldn't find them! Sad.
    Stay cool.

    1. It won't be improving for a while, so I am going to do my best to try and survive!

      I am so sad the cocoa almonds are not in appearance! Do you have another natural foods store with a bulk aisle? I know you're in the city, so it might not be as convenient!

  5. Wow, all you do is sweat and take showers? Busy girl, ha ha! Love the variety of foods. I'm looking forward to getting my appetite back and playing around with some of the offerings at my Farmer's Market. I usually go there every Saturday. Thanks for the well wishes.

    1. Yes, I do! Ha ha! And it appears that we're staying in the mid-90s all week, so more sweating inside my super hot classroom. I'm going to photograph the thermostat!

      I hope you continue to feel better, Blessed Mama!