Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Colorado!

Today, the state turned 137 years old and I celebrated with locally grown eats (for the most part!).

My least Coloradoan meal was breakfast: spinach, banana, strawberries, mango, 1:1 almond milk and water.

Late morning snack:

Last weekend, I picked up some fire roasted Hatch green chilies at the Farmer's Market.  I finally got around to turning them into enchilada sauce.  I used this recipe (made half) for the sauce, and followed the Kale and Potato Enchilada recipe from Veganomicon for the filling.  All local ingredients from the Farmer's Market (minus the corn tortillas - they were store bought).

The whole operation from prep to table was two hours.  Whew!

Rest day from working out (my body is thanking me), and after an appointment I supported the local economy:

Remy celebrated by running around the dog park and sniffing rears.
I promise he does have more than just bottom teeth.

Dinner: Colorado-based Qrunch Burger and farmer's market broccoli (sauce and seasonings from elsewhere).

I still have a lot of dishes leftover from making the enchiladas.  Who wants to come over and wash them?  ;)


  1. Happy birthday to my favorite state! That's really cool that you ate almost all local foods. Colorado has so many great companies (and I had no idea that Qdoba started there along with Noodles & Chipotle! Never been to Illegal Pete's, but have seen it).

    The enchiladas look absolutely amazing. After two hours I bet you really enjoyed the end result!

    Remy is adorable. I love when their tongues curl up like that. SO cute!

    1. Apparently, we are a hungry state. ;) The enchiladas were pretty good, I should have bought more chilies to have a little more sauce! Next time, I suppose.

      Between the warm weather and running around - you know how it is! Lots of panting! Ha ha!

  2. That sniffing rears comment had me cackling away like nobody's business! Go dogs!

    I've made that enchilada recipe before and I remember it being damn good. That said, that peanut butter cup looks so good I'm ready to propose!

    1. I'm not sure what it's all about, but dogs certainly choose the most curious places to sniff! :)

      Those ladies from Veganonmicon certainly know what they're doing! I'll have to try making them with the red sauce in the future. The ice cream was great!

  3. What took so long to make the Enchiladas? Boiling the Potatoes?

    Great picture of Remy! I'm sure he wishes it was Colorado's birthday every day!

    1. Making the sauce, preparing and cooking the filling, and then 35 minutes in the oven. I was only using two pots, so that might have slowed down the process (should've used three).

      For Remy, it's someone's birthday everyday. ;)

  4. Aww yay, happy birthday Colorado!! WHat a great way to celebrate! Love that you went mostly local. Everything looks incredible, especially those enchiladas and that ice cream! I would definitely love that flavor, yum!

    Yay for the cutest pic ever of that handsome boy! I laughed also at the sniffing rears comment :) Such a cutie! Glad that you both enjoyed the day and that you had a rest day from your amazing fitness routine!

    1. I'm going to try and keep it up - there is a big campaign to eat locally for the entire month of August. Sweet Action knows what they are doing! Ha ha!

      I usually stick to walks because he doesn't get as dirty (dog parks = bath), but he enjoys it so much! My joints really thanked me for the day off, but rest days feel strange because I'm used to going to either studio.

  5. I'll wash your dishes!!
    I charge two enchiladas an hour....;)
    Although it sounds like an ordeal to make they sound amazing. And afternoon ice cream is the best part of summer! I just tried those burgers last week, so i'm supporting colorado too and didn't even know it- they are really tasty.

    1. Ha ha! Ok, I'll keep that in mind for next time. :) Definitely a lot of work, my respect to the ladies who toil for hours on end everyday to make everything from scratch.

      I'm so glad to hear you like the Qrunch burgers! I think they are so good! Yes - they first appeared at a farmer's market a couple of years ago, and then slowly made their way into grocery stores in state - then to national distribution. Very cool!

  6. The enchiladas do look great, but I'm with TT - the more dishes there are, the meal usually decreases in interest to me... lame, I know.
    I love the way you celebrated! I'll have to find out NY's birthday and then cram my face full of apples and vegan Reubens :)
    In these parts, Sweet Action is a local beer - I was confused and thought you ordered a beer flavored ice cream, though that doesn't really sound so bad.

  7. I hear ya, I would eat avocado toast and salad everyday if I could get away with it. Especially in the warm months - I don't want to cook at all.

    Yes please find out NY's birthday and document every delicious second of it!

    Ha ha! I guess neither company has their name on the patented national registry. Peanut Butter Cup Beer would be. . .interesting. ;)