Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Week Ahead

I thought I'd share a few pictures from a trip to Maine (a few years ago, so pre-blog), as our weather today is similar.  Upper 60s and low 70s, rainy and quiet.

Meanwhile, I will also I tell you about this week's workouts.

Sunday: 60 Minute Beginner & Intermediate Ride Class (It's in the same place as YogaCycle - just no yoga).  Completed this morning!
Monday: Zumba
Tuesday: Zumba
Wednesday: YogaCycle
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Zumba Toning (dancing - while hold weights.  I might regret this.)
Saturday: Rest or maybe. . . a hike. ?!?!

Speaking of hikes, I'm off now to celebrate my brother's birthday.  I've spoken to everyone but my father since "the hike", and while I've forgiven him and will speak to him - there won't be any plans to invite him to any future mountain excursions. ;)  

See you (with food!) on Tuesday!


  1. Happy birthday to your brother! Is he older or younger than you? It sounds like you two are pretty close, which is really great.

    The pictures of Maine are really pretty. We'd like to go there one year in the near future. There's so much to see!

    1. He is younger, and I am the oldest everything - oldest grandchild on both sides of the family. We're definitely closer now than when we were younger! ;)

      I'd love to go back, it was just as I thought it would be. Apparently, Portland (ME, not OR) was designed by the same city planner than designed Boulder.

  2. Maine looks very beautiful. What is with the cool weather in Sheboygan and Wisconsin? It's still HAWT here.

    Awww, you will too invite Dad to future mountain excursions.

    1. It has been slowly cooling down since last mid-week, but we'll be back to 95 by Wednesday - so we can both broil to death! Or perhaps our weather will come visit you.

      . . . .Not yet. ;)

  3. What beautiful photos from your trip to Maine! It looks really peaceful and idyllic. A friend of mine LOVES it there and wants to move there. I can see why from these pics!

    That workout schedule sounds really great! You've been kicking butt and it's definitely a great inspiration for me when I feel better and get my butt to the gym on a regular basis. I can't wait to get back into yoga.

    Happy birthday to your bro! I knew you wouldn't be giving up the hikes ;) Enjoy the celebration!

    1. Yeah, it might just be a hike in the foothills - not as deep as my last two hikes (both July hikes were about 30-40 minutes into the mountains - the foothills are the very first baby mountains you see, a five minute drive in to the trailhead. Basically the same as Red Rocks.)

      I have to shove in those Zumba classes, as I'm only half way through my 10 pack! Whereas I'll be finished with my 10 pack of classes at the yoga / cycle studio on Wednesday. The week of the 12th, I'll be back to work, so I'm trying to get in all the serious workouts I can!

      We went to Maine (drove up from Boston) the two years I visited. Both were just day trips, and both were rainy but beautiful! I'd love to go back!

  4. What great pics of maine, i've been a few times and you have captured what it is here. Looks like an ambitious workout schedule this week- i went to spin today too!
    Hope you have fun celebrating the birthday bro :)

    1. It's such a beautiful state, I'd love to visit again.

      High-five to my fellow indoor cyclist! It's all about the instructor and their choice of music, no?

      Thank you, I think he enjoyed his birthday!

  5. Beautiful! I've never been to maine but I'd love to.
    How did you celebrate yr brother's birthday?

    1. Hi Maud! I'd definitely go back to Maine, it was lovely.

      We hung out at my parents house for a bit, opened a few gifts, and went out to dinner at his choice of restaurant (Hillstone - I had an incredible kale salad and a plain baked potato).