Thursday, July 11, 2013

Here's to Today

Happy Thursday!  Today was a little less productive than yesterday, but still enjoyable - despite the 98 degrees outside.  Here's the run down:
Melon, pb toast, black coffee.

Dog park.

An intense Zumba class.  The instructor was outstanding and really high energy. Lots and lots of sweating.

A while later, but not ready for a meal: cucumbers with Old Bay Seasoning

And finally, lunch:
Toasted Rustic Italian bread, avocado, tomato, sea salt and black pepper.

Cleaning, playing with my neighbor's dog (when she's on call, I check on her pooch), post office, and . . .
Soy Mocha Frapp

Struck by creativity, and recalling Sarah's post on homemade tortilla chips - I tried my hand at nachos for dinner.  Four corn tortillas cut into quarters, baked in the oven and topped with veg refried beans, green chile, and Daiya cheddar shreds.
It doesn't look beautiful, but they tasted pretty good for my first attempt!

Tomorrow will look a lot like today (more Zumba, more melon), except my brother wants to go see a movie in the evening.  It'll be an action flick. *sigh*  I'm such a good sister.  ;)

See you on Saturday!


  1. Pacific Rim? G wanted me to go see that with him but uhhhhhhhh I'm not a good friend.
    The eats look great - lovely simple lunch! Dinner sounds delicious too. I'm always too lazy to make a full on nacho meal, I just fill up on chips! I guess it's easier not to if you are making yr own. Smart move there.
    Old Bay on cucumbers - interesting! Not sure I've ever actually tried that spice but I hear it does wonders.

    1. Ha ha! Yes, exactly! I tried to suggest other films but he has his mind set. Oh well. :)

      Making your own chips definitely slows down the munching! That's why I can't keep thin, crispy store bought versions, along with salsa in the house - way too easy to eat. I hadn't used Old Bay until it was called for in a Happy Herbivore recipe. It's a nice kick with a hint of salt.

  2. Yikes, 98 degrees?! I wouldn't be doing much, either, although it sounds like you still did plenty. Lots of great, summery foods again. The Starbucks looks perfect for a hot day!

    Does Remy like the heat and does he get along with your neighbor's dog?

    1. Remy doesn't really tolerate the heat too well, he's not much of a sunbather either! Remy loves and wants to play with everyone - human and otherwise; my neighbor's dog only plays for a little bit then only wants my attention. Ha ha! Each one has their own personality, right? :)

  3. Pacific RIm got great reviews. I put it on my Netflix list.

    No pics of the neighbor's pup?

    The Nachos look pretty to me.

    1. It was alright - not really my genre, but the storyline was decent and did want to know how it would end. For me, I went for the company - I enjoy hanging out with brother whenever it is! :)

      Frankie (neighbor's dog) is a Chihuahua mix, so he doesn't really stay still. Ha ha!

      Not on par with your Superbowl nachos, but still pretty good!

  4. 98 degrees is disgusting and I think you were way more productive than I would be!! That avocado and tomato on bread is definitely calling my name ;) And the soy mocha frapp... and those nachos, yum!!!!!!! They look great! Aren't homemade tortilla chips so much more satisfying?

    Aww you are a very good sister indeed :) Enjoy the movie! Oh and I'm so impressed by your workouts! You are rocking it!!

    1. I am loving the toasted open face lunch sandwich right now! I am so glad I finally got around to making my own chips - so good! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

      It was all about sibling time! I figured if my blog is supposed to be about my improvements in health - that should include areas outside of my plate. Ha ha! I'm going to make sure to talk about what I'm doing at the gym / class or if it's a rest day in all of my posts. It also increases the accountability - if I stop talking about it, I must not be doing anything!

  5. Find a Zumba Class is next on my to-do list now that we are settled into our new house!

    1. Hi Jenny! They certainly are great cardio workouts, and the time usually goes by quickly because it's enjoyable. :)