Thursday, June 20, 2013

San Antonio

We left Gruene and drove to our hotel in San Antonio, where we spent the night (I had toast, fruit, and coffee in morning), and then spent the majority of the day exploring.  It was pretty hot and humid - which kills my appetite, and apparently the others' as well -so  we had lunch on the way to back towards Austin (another kale salad for me).

We started with The Tower of the Americas for a panoramic view of the city.

From there we walked past the Menger Hotel - it was recommended as an option for our hotel, but once they mentioned it was haunted, I said no. Ha! I am a light sleeper with an active imagination.  ;)
This hotel is known for its beauty and historic roster of guests from Civil War generals to Teddy Roosevelt who organized his "rough riders" for the Spanish-American War to Babe Ruth.
Above: main lobby, Below: inner courtyard.
From there, we walked to the Alamo - which prohibits photos inside.
Luckily, the line moves quickly. . .
After the Alamo we walked to the Riverwalk, and hopped on for boat tour.

We left right before the traffic for the NBA Finals game (Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs) began.  When we were in the Tower, we met a guy who came all the way from France to see the game in person! Crazy!

Tomorrow: final installment of the trip


  1. Ooooh, just like Venice. Kinda. Water through the middle of a big city makes me so happy. Like the Charles in Boston.
    Did you find Peewee's bike in the basement of the alamo?
    I'd have loved to stay in a supposedly haunted hotel, though I probably wouldn't have slept very well...

    1. Luckily it didn't smell as badly as Venice does! Ha! I'd go back to either place, really. :) The Charles in Boston certainly is beautiful! I envy the people who can look at that every morning on their walk or run.

      Ha ha! We did not find Peewee's bike - just a few relics, and placards with fallen soldiers.

      Exactly! If I could survive on less sleep (and not be grumpy or clumsy - which seems to be what happens to me when sleep deprived), I would have spent the night at the Menger.

  2. Looks like another really beautiful city! The view from the Tower is stunning and it looks like you had a perfect day too. I love the bright blue sky and the fluffy white clouds. So pretty!

    THe hotel is definitely my favorite. Not only is it gorgeous but the addition that it may be haunted makes it extra fun ;) I'm super into that stuff although I bet I'd be super freaked out to stay there. The exterior, lobby and courtyard are sooooooo pretty though! The Riverwalk is so pretty too!!

    I feel so spoiled with all of the wrap up posts! Can't wait to see tomorrow's!

    1. It was a very sunny and bright day, perfect for pictures and sunburns. Ha!

      If you make it to San Antonio, you might consider staying there - it's gorgeous and reasonably priced, just as long as you don't mind all the things that go "bump" in the night. ;) The Riverwalk is a must see destination! I loved the boat tour, and learning all about the buildings we passed.

      I'm happy to hear you've enjoyed it! :)

  3. San Antonio really sounds (and looks) like a nice city. My parents went there not too long ago and brought us back a San Antonio mug from Starbucks. :)

    I love towers like that. Such fun to see for so far! I also love that hotel. It's beautiful (that courtyard!!) and I would have loved to stay in it, but I can completely understand why you didn't want to. Have you ever visited the Stanley in Estes Park?

    What did you think of the river walk? Everyone I know who's been there has raved about it.

    1. Next time, you can come to San Antonio and bring them back a souvenir! It would be a pretty roadtrip down, I'd imagine.

      I'm so glad we went to the tower. The night we arrived, we could see from our hotel so I googled it and found out it was $11 - and less than a mile in walking distance. Oddly enough, our resident Texan had never been up it!

      I enjoyed the riverwalk and the boat tour! I wish we had stayed longer to check out the shops, but we were pretty sticky and thirsty.

  4. I love armchair travelling with photo posts! And I would definitely have been queueing up to get in the haunted hotel!

    1. Thanks Joey! It's lovely, if only in the day time! Ha!

  5. I recall San Antonio and the Riverwalk very fondly. Had a great Mexican meal and Margarita there (pregan days). Enjoying the recap. Sad it's concluding tomorrow.

    1. Glad to hear you've enjoyed the recaps! It's been nice to relive the trip for an extra week.

      I'd go back for another gander about the riverwalk!

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Blessed Mama! Yes, it was a great start to my summer vacation. :)