Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Austin Recap (Part Two)

As mentioned yesterday, we went to a couple of places where I didn't eat with everyone - so I'd enjoy a rootbeer, and pick up something at Whole Foods.

However, we did make it to Kerby Lane - a super veg friendly restaurant.  I had the Hippie Burger (homemade veggie burger - so good!) and fries.

Back to the tour: we walked down Congress Avenue (from the Capitol Building) and down East 6th Street.  I downloaded a walking tour, and read about each building as we went.

A few shots from East 6th:

I had requested to see Town Lake (also known as Lady Bird Lake), so we found parking and did a two mile walk along the trials.  Hot, humid, but absolutely gorgeous. I'd go back to Austin just to see it again.
(View from the bridge: people were paddle-boarding, kayaking, boating. . .)
(Below: further down our walk, a view of the city)

The adjacent park was setting up for Blues on the Green, and we would have stayed (we walked around and looked at the vendors - I bought a pressed watermelon water) but already committed ourselves to dance lessons at the Broken Spoke.  I now know how to Two-Step - just need to find me a cute cowboy in Colorado, and I can practice all the time.  ;)

Tomorrow:  day trip to Gruene (pronounced "green", founded by Germans).


  1. Looks like you had some delicious rolls! That hippie burger sounds great, too.

    I love seeing how other cities are laid out & their architecture. Every one has such a uniqueness to it. That hotel is gorgeous.

    They're very lucky to have Town Lake. I bet it's warm, too, and it looks clean. Very nice! I can just imagine how humid that walk along the trail was, though.

    That's awesome that you took dance lessons. I bet that was a lot of fun! Here's hoping you find yourself that cowboy, and hopefully he'll turn out to be a vegan cowboy! :)

    1. There are many more veg-friendly )and veg-only) restaurants I need to explore there - all the more reason to return! :) Me, too - I love exploring new cities on foot, and learning them well enough to know where I am and recognize buildings!

      If I going to set a specific goal for myself (other than being a better runner) it would be to paddle-board. The water looked so inviting!

      I was on the verge of backing out, but I'm so glad I learned. Where and when else would that ever happen?! Finding a vegan cowboy might be tough, so maybe just a vegan guy who will dance with me? Ha! ;)

  2. I can literally taste those Fries with my eyes. Unusual tour of Austin. I envisioned a very funky boho type town with lots of quirky shops and restaurants.

    1. The fries were quite good, I hope you tasted them to be the same way. ;)

      I should have prefaced these posts with my overall requirement: I wanted to be active, so there was a lot of walking! We did go into a few iconic shops in the area, but I do wish I had seen more restaurants. Next time, and with less carnivores.

  3. Oh man that hippie burger and fries look AMAZING!! Patience pays off, it looks like you were rewarded with a delicious meal! The rolls from Whole Foods look great too!

    The architecture is so beautiful. That hotel is stunning! I'm really enjoying the architecture shots you've been posting and the lake is so pretty as well. Great captures, love the kayakers and paddleboarders! So cool!

    1. I've decided that if a place serves homemade veggie burgers, I must try them. Since I don't make them myself (yet), I should try any professional version I come across. Ha ha!

      I forgot to mention that on our loop back, we sat inside the Driskill for about 20 minutes (to cool off, restroom break) and it was so gorgeous. Why didn't I take a picture?!

      Thank you! The lake was so breathtaking, and it made me want to work on building up core strength so I can learn to paddleboard (on another vacation - only kayaking and white water rafting in Colorado).