Thursday, May 9, 2013

Theater & Thursday

Last night, a colleague friend invited me to use her extra ticket to Sense & Sensibility: The Musical.
(Denver Center for the Performing Arts)
(A peek at the set in the upper left)

It was witty, well performed - but the costumes, holy moly! Absolutely divine.  Previously unknown to you, dear reader, is that I am a lover of all things Jane Austen.  If I could time travel, Austen's 19th century England would be one of my destinations.  

Nonetheless, I was late to bed - late to rise, and didn't get a picture of breakfast.  Same cereal as Tuesday.  I did snap my prep of lunch:
Happy Herbivore Eggless Salad with spinach on spelt bread, and:
Pre-dinner snack:
For dinner:  Whole Foods Hot Bar.  It was apparently Vegan Mexican Night.
Red Chile, Cilantro and Lime Rice, Green Chile, Black Beans, Tortilla.
They also had Beyond Meat products, grilled vegetables, and vegan tamales.
Way to go Whole Foods.

No work for me tomorrow - my younger brother is finished educating himself, and we must celebrate with  Pomp & Circumstance and out of town relatives.  


  1. Awww congrats to your brother!! Have fun with the celebrations! Graduation is such an exciting time :)

    How cool that you got to go to the show! I didn't know you are a Jane Austen enthusiast, how great! I'm glad that you enjoyed the show, sounds like a lot of fun!

    Great looking meals! I have those days where it just sucks to get out of bed, ha! Great looking lunch and those berries! Strawberries are at the top of my grocery list this week, I am craving them like crazy. The kale chips look great and hooray for Vegan Mexican Night! :) Looks delicious! Our International Hot Bar always has Indian cuisine. Wish they would do Mexican (for the love of all things vegan I want those tamales! ha!) but I won't hold my breath ;)

    Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy all of your celebrations (graduation and Mother's day, etc.)!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! It was a whirlwind weekend. Everyone left about two hours ago and now I'm in recovery. Ha!

      I think Jane Austen brings out my "closet romantic" underneath my slightly cynical exterior. ;)

      Strawberries are so good right now! Oh my goodness! The kale chips can't hold a candle to my own, but they are good (especially when on sale!). I hope they put out some Mexican on your hot bar! And maybe better Indian here. . .

      Thank you, I am tired but blessed. I hope you've had a great Mother's Day, too!

  2. I'm a 'Pride & Prejudice' fan myself.

    Your WF's really makes an effort.

    Congrats to your little 'Six Pack' Packin' Bro. Hope your have a good family togetherness weekend.

    1. Pride and Prejudice is quite good, too. I liked Mansfield Park as well. Give me Jane over the Bronte sisters any day.

      Ha ha! Yes, Magna Cum Laude six pack engineer of a brother. Good thing I love him! It was great, even with its few moments of frustration. :)

  3. Hurray for a day off of work! I would have loved to see that musical. What fun!

    I would have been excited for the Mexican food at WF's. Yum! Tamales especially. I adore them.

    It looks like the weather has cleared up by you. We had to cut our Colorado plans out because of the nastiness that was happening, unfortunately (but at the same time we got home to Sophie a day early, which definitely isn't bad). It was pretty bad driving through the state until we got away from the mountains!

    1. Oh! I also meant to say congratulations to your brother!!

    2. Thanks Molly! He worked really hard, glad to have be finished!

      I'm curious to hear about your adventures. Our weather has been so strange, I hope it doesn't deter you from visiting again! I'm sure Sophie is so glad to see you!

    3. Oh no, not at all! We've been to Colorado at least 10 times now and plan on going back many more times. We love it there!

  4. Congrats to your bro! And to your local Whole Foods for the Mexican!

    1. Ha ha! I thank you on behalf of both my brother and Whole Foods. ;)