Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Finally Spring

It's over 60 degrees, rain showers (as opposed to snow, like last week), green grass, and spring produce.  I'm so happy it's finally here!

The last of Happy Herbivore's Mock Tuna and spinach on spelt bread. . .
and luscious strawberries for lunch.
Afternoon snack: garlic hummus and pita chips.
A dinner of halves:
Half bunch of asparagus (snapped into halves), half cup of farfalle pasta, half recipe of Angela's avocado sauce.

Considering making this for my mother this Sunday.  Or maybe this.


  1. Yay, Happy Spring!!!! SO glad it's finally starting to warm up for you! That snow was ridiculous so I'm hoping brighter days are ahead!

    Great looking meals as always! You and Shen are making me crave the blueberry cereal like crazy! That was my fav Kashi flavor by far :) Great looking lunch, I am jealous of those gorgeous strawberries! Gotta love the pita chips and hummus and oh my that pasta! That's beautiful!

    I saw CCK's no bake pie! I'm always partial to chocolate and wanted to make that but you can't go wrong with either choice! Whichever you think your mom would like best!

    1. They've even interviewed people on the news, "so happy it's not snow". Ha!

      I probably shouldn't have processed cereal, but during the school year it's so convenient! I'm sure you're healthier for not having it. :)

      She loves chocolate, so I'll have to ask. She might say no to both. Aaah!

  2. That is so sweet that you are making a meal for your Mom. Is your Grandmother going to be in town as well? My Mother fears eating anything made in my house due to the amount of critters.

    1. Yes, Virginia Grandma (actually many relatives, including the Kansas grandparents) are already here, and will stay through the weekend.

      Ha ha! Your mother is missing out. I'd eat from your kitchen and snuggle your critters!

  3. Finally spring indeed; it's been a long time coming to New England too, but fortunately we didn't have snow last week.

    I love the strawberry picture. Berries are so photogenic. I had asparagus with farfalle pasta last night too - !

    1. I worry that we'll head straight for summer and miss the beauty of blooms from spring. I suppose summer is six weeks away - so we're running out of time! Ack!

      Berries are so photogenic, it's hard to get them to look bad.

      Unrelated - we are finishing To Kill a Mockingbird, and while I have read it many times, this is the first time I know a Miss Rachel outside of the book. ;)

  4. Lucky ma - I'd go for the Oreo cake! Who am I kidding - I'd go for both!