Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tepid Tuesday

But, it'll be 70 degrees on Saturday (and it's already melting).

Kashi Island Vanilla and almond milk:
Cuban Black Beans and kale for lunch:
Unpictured apple in the afternoon.
Tostada for dinner:
I've also been drinking a lot of hot green tea throughout the day; it's warm and tasty!  The ladies from Tone It Up are putting together another workout series that I'm joining, so you might be hearing about that on occasion. ;)  See you Thursday!


  1. Omg really with the snow?! That's ridiculous! I'm glad warmer days are ahead but Saturday is a long way off! Stay warm and dry until then!

    Great looking meals as always :) Those black beans look delicious. Was there any dressing on the kale? Your tostadas are always a point of envy for me. They always look so delicious!! Ah that's great that you are joining the TIU workout series! Is it the Bikini Series (I think that's what they are calling it?). Definitely keep us posted, I'd love to heard about your workouts!

    Stay warm m'dear!!!

    1. As of today, it's nearly all gone! So fast! I guess we really needed the moisture. :)

      No dressing on the kale, it's particularly tender! But I also had a little black beans with the kale on each bite. Ha ha! The tostadas are quite tasty. I think I'll turn it into a salad and make chips with the tortillas! It is another Bikini Series (although I am not trying to look great in swimwear - too frighteningly pale for that. ;)

  2. I saw that you were getting snow! The rain here finally seems to have stopped and we might actually reach the 60's this weekend. Here's hoping it's nice for both of us!

    Great looking eats, as always. I'll be looking forward to hearing about the Tone It Up series. I love reading about that kind of stuff!

    1. I hope it didn't land on you! We are warming up by fifteen degrees each day, I think it was almost 60 degrees today. I'd love to spend some more time outside this weekend! Fingers crossed!

      The TIU ladies are no joke - I have to catch up already! Ack!

  3. Kashi Island Vanilla was my 'gateway' flavor to the Kashi cereals.

    Not sure how one Tostada can suffice for dinner. I eat three of those Bad Boys.

    It was 75 degrees here today. You folks are getting some crazy weather.

    1. When I saw it was on sale, I hesitated between the Cinnamon and Vanilla flavor. I don't think I've ever had this one, and it is quite good.

      It's all about the size of the tostada - I am using a burrito sized brown rice tortilla here. It takes up the entire plate! I have to tear it into pieces in order to eat it.

      The warm weather is slowly arriving here! Hooray!